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Comment Re:It seemed too good to be true... (Score 2) 478 478

I'm sure it's to push their integrated store on more users - while Windows 8 users already had it, Windows 7 users didn't and Microsoft wants those users to upgrade most. Now they really need to fix the store so it doesn't prioritize pay-crapware over stuff you can get completely free. 7zip is a really good example - all of the top options in the store cost money and there isn't a free option even though the Windows 7 downloadable equivalent is free. I'm sorry, but adding a touch interface to it for $25 is ridiculous. All of these programs also come as "demoware" where they say they're free and then to actually do anything you need to unlock them.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 3, Interesting) 471 471

I started buying 5.11 tactical pants made out of lightweight, stretchy nylon with a Teflon finish. They look like business casual pants but move like pajamas, and anything you spill on them rolls or wipes off. I don't think I've worn any other kinds of pants to work since I bought my first pair.

Comment Re:Android, clang, and Linux support (Score 1) 132 132

Chrome offers easy android emulated device support. Press F12, choose emulation tab, and pick a device or set your own resolutions. This is likely why it is included. In fact, the project I'm working on now is exactly how we're testing our builds at the moment. Mixing in a bit of actual device testing, but until I get some new hardware that is limited.

Comment Re:Suck it, Neil (Score 1) 574 574

But the thing is that I like my MacBook. It has its tradeoffs but everything does. My problem is that his statement implies that everyone else has been doing it wrong, and that only he is qualified to judge what's Good Enough, as though sound quality is the foremost or even only concern. Since pretty much no human has the audio sensitivity required to affirm his statements, it's just insulting to everyone who isn't him - or at least it would be if anyone took him seriously.

Ironically, enjoyment of music has very little to do with sound quality and much more to do with music, lyrics, and listening environment. If the audio fidelity were as important as he claims, then no one would be buying junk formats like vinyl. But yet, some people enjoy the tactile process of damaging their audio media as little as possible with their inherently destructive hardware, and that's an important part of their listening experience. Music isn't about bullshit concepts like "staging" and "presence", but about the enjoyment of the whole package. Focusing on one relatively small aspect of it misses the whole point, which is why it blows me away that Neil Freaking Young is making that mistake.

Comment Suck it, Neil (Score 5, Interesting) 574 574

A 256Kbps AAC is objectively equal to CD sound quality, as confirmed by double-blind test after test. Furthermore, a huge portion of listeners will be hearing your angel's choir over cheap-ass ear buds or crap laptop speakers. Maybe you have a golden ear and can tell the difference between a CD and a FLAC file (are those good enough for you, or do they lack the sharp ones and smooth zeros of the digital masters?). Maybe you're not actually a delusional once-great who has lousy hearing and permanent tinnitus after years of playing rock concerts, and, well, being almost 70. Maybe your home hi-fi (do you still call it that?) was hand-wired by a wizened master of recording engineering fame. Maybe you have your own private anechoic chamber so you're not exposed to anything but the pure and sweet sounds of your own singing. But the rest of us listen to normal-person music with a dynamic range that's been shot to hell in the loudness wars, via normal-person audio formats, through normal-person digital-to-analog converters, into normal-person speakers, in a normal-person environment with kids playing and horns honking and dogs barking and coworkers chattering.

Your music, pristine to the heavens though it may be, sounds no better than Miley Cyrus when piping out of my MacBook. You've become a crotchety old curmudgeon trying to remain relevant to those kids who won't stay off your lawn, and maybe it's time to sit down with a hot cup of keep your yap shut and enjoy a nice book.

Good day, sir.

Comment Re:I would sell it (Score 4, Interesting) 654 654

I work in San Francisco and live in East Bay. My house is a block away from a Transbay bus stop, and with its use of the carpool lanes I can get into the city faster via bus than is possible in a car. Once in the city, I can either stroll for a pleasant walk along the Embarcadero to my office or I can ride a Muni for under a buck, and the latter drops me off next door to Safeway with their Sriracha Sausage Breakfast Burritos ($2.71 including tax).

It's easier, faster, and cheaper to ride the bus than drive, and I get breakfast burritos. I'm living the dream.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen