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Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 2) 282

by Lumpy (#49552989) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Nope. I find that Cisco Enterprise Wireless Accesspoints are complete crap in regards to phones if your IT department doesn't update their firmware regularly.

Work recently ripped out all the Cisco junk and installed UniFi and all wireless problems, mobile and other went away.

Comment: why the hell does billg want to teach these kids (Score 1) 103

by swschrad (#49552943) Attached to: Think Tanks: How a Bill [Gates Agenda] Becomes a Law

and then hire a bunch of Tata Indians to do the work for half price, leaving all these students with new diplomas no way to pay their student loans?

damn stupid program he's pushing. jump one way or jump the other way, but get off the barbed wire fence. that's electrified, too.

Comment: Re:Nice idea but... (Score 2) 260

by Lumpy (#49550547) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

I do understand the solar industry, that's why I fliped two big middle fingers to them and bought and imported all china solar panels and installed a 5Kwh setup for drastically cheaper than any of the overpriced US crap.

Spent 1/2 the price got the same panels all monocrystalline and of very good quality build. It's been in operation for 3 years now with no problems. I use grid intertie and drive the meter backwards. No local storage.

Electrical bill is $14.95 a month because you have to pay the "fees" and the scumbag leaders in my states government passed a law that allows the power company to not pay for any surplus I generate above my own use.

Comment: Re:A short, speculative cautionary tale... (Score 1) 391

by bluefoxlucid (#49545793) Attached to: Using Adderall In the Office To Get Ahead

Isn't taking Adderall to study longer another way to employ your brain differently?

In the same way that beating something with a wrench and beating it *faster* with a wrench is different, yes.

Do you dispute that a highly motivated intelligent student would perform better with more time to study?

No. I dispute that an un-motivated, idiotic student with more time to study would perform similar to a highly-motivated, intelligent student. I suggest that an un-motivated, idiotic student would perform similar to a highly-motivated, intelligent student if the former learned to use motivational techniques (e.g. examine the material to study, briefly analyze it from an engineering standpoint, and incorporate it into something of high interest to you) and mental techniques (e.g. SQ3R studying, deliberate practice, mnemonics) similar to those employed by the latter or such as to make them regard the material in a similar way to the latter.

Imagine a future where finishing college in 4 years is a red flag that you don't work hard enough. Where all the high achievers finish in three years with an internship every year and studying abroad and some kind of volunteer project on the side while being in 5 different on-campus organizations and leading at least one of them. And then when that's all over, the same people are expected to work 100-hour weeks all the time.

Besides solving poverty, I am working on the more difficult task of creating an education system which equips small children up-front with the mental tools and techniques to function as geniuses. This has produced some interesting reflections about the nature of education and poverty--that you need tailored strategies for the local culture to make the education system actually work, and so must have a different approach to the same education in poor, inner-city ghettos--among other things. What, then, would you say about a world where not having the education which turns any arbitrary human into a genius is a disadvantage? Is it much different?

I will tell you that I am strongly tolerant of psychosis. I have been afflicted with drug-induced psychosis and with psychologically-induced psychosis. I spent a decade on methylphenedate, eventually paired with risperdal, which induced weak drug psychosis; from this, much of my life has been spent as a collection of many points of view, in which I am a single person existing dozens or hundreds of times, and can move between these viewpoints at will so as to avoid stress. I also learned to stand up separate personalities (under my control, but also semi-autonomous), and so was able to supply myself with constant psychiatric counseling using an array of internal counselors. I was later exposed to prednizone--this was a mistake, and caused severe mood swings, suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and so forth; I of course recognized and controlled these mental disturbances, with no outwardly-visible detriment.

Along with the drug-induced psychosis, I've triggered arguably-worse psychotic episodes from psychological burn-out, learning too many things at once, too fast. The results are similar. There is also the strange loss of touch with reality from this: hyper-immersion in work and study tends to make everything around you look like that work, for example making physical automobile traffic seem like something you could improve with the skillful use of firewalls...somehow.... This is a well-known psychiatric condition caused in normal human beings exposed to excessive job stress; it's actually common for college students to suffer dramatic neurotic breakdown in their late third or early fourth year.

Given that simply using your brain too hard can easily cause serious psychiatric pathology, what opinion do you have of simply improving the general education system?

Comment: Re:systemd, eh? (Score 1) 453

by Lumpy (#49545761) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

Actually better than normal. a slackware install is at least two orders of magnitude faster than Ubuntu.

I've moved back to slackware for ham radio use, I got tired of fighting with the 6 different audio systems, 40 different places to put config files, etc...

OSS and /etc with a custom kernel. Boot time on my field Ham radio PSK31 CF-18 toughbook is 6 seconds (Yes to an Xf86 login). with Xubuntu it was 45 seconds.

Comment: Re:Who to believe (Score 1) 78

by bluefoxlucid (#49538935) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War

And here is the UN funded 2012 study of the imports to Ghana which found 91% reuse. http://www.basel.int/Portals/4... [basel.int] This was the study that caused BAN.org (the NGO) to backtrack on their claims.

They didn't want the reuse numbers to get out because their campaign was really about one important American family value: black people shouldn't be allowed near computers. They'll dirty the Internet up.

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