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Comment Sadly Microsoft encouraged this. (Score 3, Informative) 65

WE don't get clean reinstall DVD's, Microsoft allows the builder to put whatever crap they want on the computer. Honestly it's all microsoft's fault.

Go back to shipping a MICROSOFT PRESSED installation DVD with the machine as a requirement and the install must be done from a clean image no extra crap is allowed to be installed on the machine. yes that means they have to use decent chipsets instead of the crap-tastic stuff like Marvell and other really low end china dog food devices.

Comment Re:What idiocy (Score 1) 311

You have stated as fact that nobody ever successfully uses a firearm to prevent a violent attack, and that a knife is more likely to work for this purpose.

Incorrect. I have stated as fact that the fear of individuals possibly carrying firearms and defending themselves is not a significant factor in the criminal mind. The object intent of a criminal is to overcome a victim, not to have a Mexican stand-off; they don't announce themselves. If you're not waliking around holding a large firearm leveled at whoever approaches you, you're a target; you'll have to draw your firearm, and a good grappler can control your arm so you can't safely point it away from yourself and at them.

Knives happen to have sharp edges, so trying to take one away is less of a winning proposition.

You seem to be arguing that the average person is a sociopath who is willing to just watch others be hurt.

One mechanism is called the Bystander Effect; there are several others. We actively discourage vigilantism.

There is solid research estimating that firearms are used in the USA about two million times each year to prevent a violent crime. Most of these "defensive gun uses" do not involve anyone being killed or even anyone firing the gun; the defender deterred the assailant just by having a gun.

At which point you bring up a whole lot of inconsistent research that manage to conclude something with a 312.5% margin of error and with extremely poor experimental design, and from a biased source to boot.

Did you know global warming is bunk, too? Exxon-Mobil published a study. There is no pollution from coal at all.

I don't blame the victims the way you seem to

You're a retard.

I explained the role of society in deterrence, and you claim victim-blaming. I specifically said the victim has NO POWER over the situation, and it's the fault of everyone else in the world.

Sally got raped. Tim, Bob, George, Amanda, Mark, Joseph, and Bill all stood by and did nothing. You claim I'm blaming Sally for getting raped by complaining that Tim, Bob, George, Amanda, Mark, Joseph, and Bill all stood by and did nothing. Are Tim, Bob, George, Amanda, Mark, Joseph, and Bill the victim?

You extended too far with your bullshit art. You got burned.

Comment Re:What idiocy (Score 1) 311

Nobody fears a swift death at the hands of a victim. That's a stupid argument. Victims are harmless, armed or not; you take them by surprise and you take them down. If they have weapons, you take them away before they can use them--this is hilariously easy when you attack someone and they turn out to have a firearm. A knife is actually more of a difficult proposition.

*Society* has the power to reduce crime. The United States society tolerates crime: if you attack someone else, it's not my business; I'll keep my head down and stay safe. This is why witnesses just vanish, deciding not to testify; this is why the Virginia Tech shootings had a dude walk into a class full of people, shoot them one by one while they all sat compliant or cowered behind chairs, and then move to the next class. Nobody stands up to put a stop to it, because they might get shot a few seconds earlier.

The threat level of a society which will collectively hunt you down is enormous. Watch someone murder a gypsy once. The police have about 8 minutes to find that guy; after that, they're just looking for the body. People are afraid of the mafia because messing with the mafia means the mob hunts you down. Murder is one thing; murdering a cop is wholly different, and you will die before your trial. Nobody messes with these people, because you immediately become the hunted.

A society of armed loners who only care about themselves is a society of targets.

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?