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by j-pimp (#44951367) Attached to: Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

Binary objects are obviously far more opaque than plain text when it comes to piping data between tools, and that is a negative thing for the reasons he just gave.

When your shell can decode these binary objects natively, they are not any more opaque than text encoded as a stream of ASCII or UTF-(8|16|32) bytes. PowerShell pipes btw work seamlessly with native executables and turn these objects into text so you can put a grep at the end of your chain of PowerShell (assuming you have gnu grep installed) to perform filtering the unix way. Powershell will turn text into an object (of type string), and the console spits out text in the end. You can redirect this text to a file.

In addition to all that, you have the ability to operate on .NET objects. You can compile C# and VB.NET classes on the fly. C# and VB.NET will let you call an unmanaged dll function (e.g. the equivilant of linking to a .so and making an API call). So I could write a script that call call any .NET DLL easily, and with a few lines of C#, call any unmanaged API call. That's really useful. Whatever isn't exposed to me as a PowerShell cmdlet, I can access with not a lot of code.

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Because jet injectors (which actually predate TOS) aren't nearly as neat as Star Trek portrays. Blowback and cross-contamination is a major concern. You basically need a new tip for each injection, rather than just a single one to use forever.

I thought that except for diabetics self administering needles, most of the time needles were used once.

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It's interesting and disconcerting people can't figure anything out on their own and feel the need to ask for help online or Google answers. If the OP doesn't know what to do with found calculators yet the OP works in a school where students would benefit from these calculators, I think we're in trouble. Next time I'm sleepy or hungry and don't know what to do about it I'm going to post a /. article and ask everyone.

Perhaps its a matter of "whats the best course of action." He knows how to sell them. He knows how to give them away. He knows how to throw them out. He is looking for an out of the box solution, or third party moral justification for any of these actions.

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A lot of people would just sit on their fortunes (Warren Buffet) or piss it away on political bullshit (Koch brothers). I know a lot of the crowd here is anti-Microsoft, but it's nice to see Bill Gates doing something with his hoard and something halfway-geeky to boot!

Yeah The Oracle from Omaha should give away large chunks of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Oh wait . . .

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Well, not quite true. If the currency fails, a strong man could TAKE POWER.

See Weimar Germany.

I can't see a Hitler taking over the entire US by persuasion. The union would split up first, and a large chunk of the contiguous 48 states might be lead by a dictator. Said dictator might reunite the country via military conquest though.

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The northeast also has cheap internet. I pay $15 a month for DSL, or have the option to pay $50 a month for highspeed FiOS or cable.

I live in Jersey city (literally right across the river from manhattan). After taxes I pay just under $100 for the FIOS double play (phone and internet). It might get cheaper if I drop the land line, but I don't think I can do fios or cable for under $50.

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I'm fine with getting rid of Social Security, just don't make me pay the 6% of my income then. (Even if you "force" me to open a 401(k) instead, which I obviously already have, because anybody that's not a moron won't give up free employer match.)

I've worked at places without matches. Its not a guarantee. That being said, its worth the tax savings.

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Where are these cheap Americans that will work for $1.75/hour?

No where, and that's why we should hang those motherfuckers that sold us out to the Indians in a public place and leave them rotting as a warning to future motherfuckers that would do the same.

Who's with me?

Or wait for Indian cost of living and salaries to rise, while mean while manufacturing moves to third world states like Alabama.Be patient, everything is cyclical.

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I actually agree with you that no government social safety net is the best. Your analogy is a little oversimplified, but your preaching to the choir. The one time I was laid off and out of work for two weeks I took neither state unemployment or my companies severance package. If I was out of work for an extended period I'd take the private charity of the severance package before I took unemployment. However, accepting the current system as it is, or privatizing unemployment insurance, I do think that a system based on income makes the most sense. I also think that yes if I was a charity that offered some sort of handouts besides basic food or shelter, I might consider allowing a millionaire whose donated to my cause to "make a withdrawal" under certain conditions.

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