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Human Sense of Smell Underestimated 278

Posted by kdawson
from the we-got-something-of-a-hounddog dept.
Benjamin Long writes to note a study, by a team of neuroscientists and engineers, that demonstrated that humans can follow a scent trail — an ability that most had assumed only animals possessed. Furthermore, the study demonstrated for the first time that humans make use of differential information from the two nostrils. The researchers blindfolded college students who crawled through grass to sniff out a chocolate-scented trail. Here is the abstract of the paper in Nature Neuroscience. From the article: "The humans, however, still sniffed much more slowly than dogs, which may partially account for canines' greater efficiency at scent tracking. [A commentator] says that despite their relatively sluggish speed, the fact that subjects improved with training is noteworthy. 'I think that shows the effect of our distinctively different behavior in actually using this sense,' he says. 'The dog [has] been doing this its whole life, and humans [were] just asked to plunge in the first time they've ever done it.'"
Operating Systems

Are You Switching to 64-bit Processors? 252

Posted by Cliff
from the is-64-bit-windows-worth-the-switch dept.
chip_whisperer asks: "I used to be a big time custom desktop builder, making many working boxes per year, but I've been off the bandwagon for about four years now and am trying to get back into it now that Ars Technica has just released their recommendations. The standard seems to be heading towards 64-bit processors, but I'm wondering if it worth it to run a box on XP-64? I've heard that driver support for 64-bit processors can be a hassle. Also, for you fellow Linux geeks, how are current distros (like Suse, Ubuntu, Debian, and others) doing in supporting 64 bit processors?"

Comment: Re:Not virgins... (Score 1) 618

by ixx (#12159367) Attached to: Star Wars Fans in Line... at the Wrong Theater
After reading through James with reference to Matthew I would say that James has a is speaking about the ideas from the sermon on the mount. He tends to blend references along with personal view points. This seems to coorespond with whether he was there or not. Ie. He is more likely to quote a OT scripture and use his own words to describe things found in the NT.

I do not get the impression that he gave the sermon on the mount, but that he is expressing the ideas as he heard them from Jesus.

Somebody's terminal is dropping bits. I found a pile of them over in the corner.