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Comment: Re:I noticed the blocks. (Score 1) 198

by ix42 (#39483097) Attached to: Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links In Messenger

Unless Google has changed the meaning of its "Off The Record" button since I last used it, that just means they won't save the conversation for later viewing in the gmail interface (or in the gmail interface of the person you're talking to).

They don't provide as far as I can tell.

Comment: Re:Does the OS community really hate RH? (Score 5, Informative) 129

by ix42 (#39465207) Attached to: Open Source Payday

I don't hate RH. I like RH. I'm kind of annoyed with RHEL because people keep using ancient bug-ridden libraries and blaming me.

I've lost track of the number of times I've had this conversation:

Them: Foo doesn't work. Fix it. Fix it now.
Me: That was fixed upstream in library bar 7 years ago.
Them: We use RHEL4, and our policy won't let us install 3rd party library update packages.
Me: So you have an expensive contract. I'm sure RedHat will provide an official patch.
Them: Actually, we use CentOS4.
Me: . o O (Go buy a RHEL contract, you cheapskates. Or change your idiotic policy.)

But that's not RedHat's fault.

Comment: Legal Issues (Score 1) 446

by ix42 (#38890301) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Transitioning From 'Hacker' To 'Engineer'?
In some juristictions (eg. Ontario, Canada) the Professional Engineer's association takes you to court and collects a large fine from you if you call yourself an engineer and don't have a license from them:

So to "transition from hacker to engineer" with a Master's in Computer Science, you'd turn around, go back into university, and enroll in an undergrad Engineering course. The last time I looked (admittedly over a decade ago) the closest was "Computer Engineer" which did some software, but had rather more in common with Electrical Engineering than Computer Science.

Be aware of the legal status of the word "Engineer" in your juristiction before you add it to your title.

Comment: Re:The recession is the best argument. (Score 1) 227

by ix42 (#27350901) Attached to: Enterprise FOSS Adoption Beyond Linux Servers?

Multi-million annual dollar contracts for products and services with both companies.

No- we can't retain staff with the necessary technical skill to deal with problems when something mysteriously doesn't work.

Multi-million annual dollars (times two) cannot retain staff with the necessary technical skill? The mind boggles.

Comment: Re:The recession is the best argument. (Score 1) 227

by ix42 (#27336325) Attached to: Enterprise FOSS Adoption Beyond Linux Servers?

But the fact remains, when the software doesn't work- we can *make* IBM or Microsoft spend thousands of dollars analyzing and FIXING the problem (even if it requires a software patch).

Okay, what's your secret? I've got bugs that I opened with MS against Windows 2000 and Visual Studio 2003 that *still* weren't fixed as of Vista and Visual Studio 2008. So far, the only thing I've been able to *make* MS do is say "Closed (wontfix)".

We can't *make* a group of random people do that.

Maybe not a randomly chosen group of people, but you can certainly make your own employees do that, since the source is available. Or contract it out to RedHat, or whomever you like.

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