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Comment: Re:Palm vs Aliens vs Predators (Score 1) 98

by ivaldes3 (#36886532) Attached to: HTC Ready For Apple Patent War

Not trying to flog or sell anyone on the Palm Pixi but I have tried this. WebOS is good, runs Linux. You can get a root prompt directly from built-in terminal which is something. Does it seem to be relatively un-encumbered by patents and such? The price on it is amazing and the user interface is good... -- IV

Comment: Pretty simple. (Score 1) 349

by ivaldes3 (#36228850) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Ask For Equity In a Startup?

Pretty simple: just ask. Not arrogantly, don't bring in side issues, don't say 'I am indispensible'. Just ask: Can I have equity? The worst they can do is say no. Be prepared for them to say no. Wait awhile and ask again. Ask three times. Try not to get angry if they say no and don't hold a grudge. They have their reasons. As a business owner I am astonished at what people won't do. You will never get the girl if you don't ask her out. -- IV

Comment: Re:Well fair is fair (Score 1) 585

by ivaldes3 (#35700042) Attached to: Vatican Warns That Internet Promotes Satanism

> can get away with an apology for the rape of countless young boys and girls on behalf of its members

They hardly got away with it with just an apology. They had to pay millions in damages including selling property and closing schools. Further, the vast majority of priests who did not commit any crime and are remarkably beneficial to local communities will always be suspect.

-- IV

Comment: Re:Why open Source not open Standard? (Score 1) 170

by ivaldes3 (#27706215) Attached to: Senate Bill Calls For Open Source Electronic Health Records

Because it is a public good like a lighthouse and not a private good like cars of furniture. Since medicine is a small market with massive computing requirements. Free/Open Source is really the only way to go but proprietary vendors are keeping it hostage. -- IV

>>I don't see why it matters who implements someone's electronic health records (open source, Joe's Software Shack, Bill's Multi-National Software Emporium, etc.)


+ - An Avoidance of Serious Solutions for Health IT->

Submitted by
ivaldes3 writes "Linux Medical News has an article on the severe shortcomings of the Health IT provisions of the just-passed stimulus bill: "The government has authorized enough money to purchase EMR freedom for the nation. Instead the government appears set to double down on proprietary lock-down. The government currently appears poised to purchase serfdom instead of freedom and performance for patients, practitioners and the nation. A intellectual and financial servitude to proprietary EMR companies for little or no gain. A truly bad bargain."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Evidence-based medicine (Score 1, Interesting) 1064

by ivaldes3 (#27037059) Attached to: Why Doctors Hate Science

Ha! Aside from the utter flamebait of 'hate science' (guess what, many MD's ARE scientists, nearly all HAVE TRAINING AS SCIENTISTS) 'ticket to becoming a millionaire.' Not anymore. Doctor pay has been going down for years and after the current government is through who have promised to 'squeeze doctors' we'll be driving taxis in our spare time. Have fun with your health care system when the ones that actually do the work, make the tough decisions, and go through years and years of very difficult training (routinely up for 36 hours straight) refuse to take Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements because they will go bankrupt or refuse to go to medical school at all because it is such a disaster. Why does no one want ever yell for a limit on attorney or politician pay? Physicians actually do life saving, crucial and difficult work.

Comment: Re:Evidence-based medicine (Score 1, Interesting) 1064

by ivaldes3 (#27036999) Attached to: Why Doctors Hate Science

"They are average everyday people" That is factually incorrect. As a group they are more intelligent and motivated than average. In many cases far more. They go through the most lengthy, grueling training imaginable having to master a huge, huge amount of knowledge in short periods of time. My medical school class as a group was on a performance level and competition that you CANNOT imagine. And yes, many of them I DO consider geniuses. I had a career as a BS, MS degree computer scientist before medical school and it was a walk in the park in comparison. I was not even close to the top of my class.

Comment: Re:RPM installer for nearly the whole VA System. (Score 1) 137

by ivaldes3 (#27025621) Attached to: Accessing Medical Files Over P2P Networks

Kind of like the Linux kernel C language which is older than mumps and even more write-only? So is it antiquated or proven? Like the Linux kernel, the vast majority do not have to mess with Mumps. It is a great system, uniquely suited for health care that is a rock solid platform. No one else has made the billions in investment and decades of time necessary and likely never will. -- IV

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