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by itwasgreektome (#46555195) Attached to: Navy Database Tracks Civilians' Parking Tickets, Fender-Benders
The hard drive space to keep this information is negligible. It's text files. This kind of data has been used to solve murders, robberies, rapes, etc. If they have this database police can search for license plates that keep popping up around crime areas and correlate the bits of info. Let's be clear all agencies already retain this info, and all other LE agencies can request this info. What's happening now is they're just making the information more readily accessible to those who can make use of it.

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by itwasgreektome (#46552641) Attached to: Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework
It is easy to confuse causation with correlation. Without an experiment, causation cannot be shown. Data suggests correlation only. To a person whose never taken a statistics course (a statistics course should be mandated for all students, would decrease people's gullibility), said data might look as though the parents that help with homework CAUSE poorer test scores. To someone who's used to seeing this causation fallacy, I see a possibility that kids who are doing poorly in school are more likely to be helped with their homework by their parents, and therefore it's the poor cognitive ability which CAUSES the parent to help, and the poor cognitive ability CAUSES the poor test scores.

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This is data that has been available, sounds like they are just doing a better job of networking said data. This should be viewed as a good thing, when law enforcement has access to information it can help solve crimes easier. Information is king. People are so paranoid of a police state, this is not indicative of that. This is indicative of intelligent networking and data sharing.

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Thanks! I've seen some pretty cool online courses (and I regularly take community college courses, but the programming ones fill up quick) but I'm the type where I need the stress of a physical instructor to make me succeed. It would be stupid to say I wish I was unemployed so I could do a program like this, but I wish there was one like it that allowed employed people, and at a lesser price. :-)

Comment: Similar Programs? Any ones for employed people? (Score 1) 374

I never even knew these programs exist. My goal is to get back into development. I'm working in a completely unrelated field, having a Major in Cognitive Science and minor in computing. Anyone know of similar programs to these in the Los Angeles area for fully employed people, at cheaper prices? I love the idea of these programs...thanks!

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First of all, I would ask you if you're very interested in the subject you are studying? If it's your first year, chances you are doing all your GEs and some of them can be hard and boring as hell. If it is a boring class, chances are your memory isn't to blame, because everyone reads and remembers boring stuff poorly. I speak from experience. After being a straight A student in high school, I went to one of the top 20 schools in the nation, only to realize I was failing after a year or so going there. I couldn't wake up for classes, I slept in most of the day, I couldn't pay attention, etc. For a student who prized himself based upon grades, I wasn't feeling great about myself. Luckily I found out about the student psychological services. Turns out I was suffering from a mild depression and ADD. ADD? How could that be possible, I'd been a straight A student and never ran around the classroom, though I did like to blurt comments out at my teachers when I felt so inspired. I was suffering from ADD, inattentive (daydreamer) non hyperactive type. The depression stemmed from my poor performance in school. I was given different meds for the ADD until we finally found one that worked, and I took it for about a year to get on track. Now, to the point, I ended up in the most awesome major- Cognitive Science. I found it insane and awesome all at once, it engaged my brain, I loved going to school then! I was able to stop taking the meds altogether because the material enthralled me that much! I've been able to stay off the meds for 9 years altogether because the material was that interesting. Two points- get yourself checked out at the school student psych services center. You may be suffering from depression, ADD, Insomnia, any other myriad of conditions they might be able to help with, sometimes just with techniques and not pills. Secondly, find a major you love not one you think that will love you in turns of money. Good luck.

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The cost of storing metadata is relatively cheap. It's small text files. You could site the metadata if hundreds of thousands if not millions of people's metadata on a single consumer available hard drive. DNA sequencing, though improving by leaps and bounds, is still manually and computationally labor intensive.

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No doubt government lies and conceals. No debate here. Just ask yourself what they have to gain from obtaining DNA at a huge cost timewise and financially to them. The only possible scenario I see is if they wanted to get Joe Schmoes DNA so they pretend to get samples from people all around him so Joe doesn't get suspicious that govt is tracking him. But why would they go to that effort when they could just get his dna of his unfinished pizza crust at Dominos when they see him eat there. Most of what the government secretly does, get this, they do so secretly. Surprise! The news has been all over this since they did it last month. The sobriety story holds up and I can't think of any conspiracy theories that do. Common sense makes life easier for most people. Be cautious, sure, protect yourself, but use common sense. Don't be sheep blindly following news which exists not to inform you but to make money off advertising via page clicks.

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