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In our experience, AMC and Cinemark theaters let you bring in whatever you want to eat or drink from the outside (once we even brought a pizza!), but lately we just go to Alamo Drafthouse or Star Cinema Grill (we like some dishes there, and there's a lot fewer kids.

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I have KeePass installed on my computers and KeyPassDroid on my phone and tablet. The file is shared between them all using Dropbox. This way, if I change it one place it's available at all the others automagically, and in case it gets corrupted I have a 30-day history of changes at Dropbox's site. I've had no problems, I like its built-in and configurable password generator, and it works a treat with the KeeFox plugin for Firefox.

(YMMV in that you may have issues with Dropbox, but for me, it works.)

Submission + - Tor traffic quadruples, security company attributes surge to Botnet-> 1 1

hypnosec writes: A cyber defense and IT security company has claimed that the reason behind recent surge in number of clients connecting to Tor is in fact a relatively unknown botnet and not NSA or genuine adoption of Tor. In late August there was a huge increase in Tor network traffic and number of clients connecting to the Tor network. As of this writing number of connections has quadrupled with over 2,500,000 clients connecting to the network. According to Fox-it, the surge in traffic is because of a botnet dubbed "Mevade.A", which is known to have Tor connectivity features. The company noted that the botnet may have links to a previously detected botnet dubbed "Sefnit", which also featured Tor connectivity. Fox-it claimed that they have found "references that the malware is internally known as SBC to its operators."
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Submission + - Man Tunnels into GameStop, Steals Games-> 1 1

An anonymous reader writes: Life imitates Minecraft: Computer game piracy is big business, but there are still those who prefer to get their games the old-fashioned way: by digging a tunnel into their local games shop and making off with as much stock as they can carry.
At least, that's the slightly bizarre approach taken by a man from Greeneville, Tennessee, who was arrested late last week after being caught tunnelling into his local GameStop store from an empty adjoining building.

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Submission + - ARM Powered OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop is faster than x86-> 1 1

Charbax writes: Not only is power consumption halved to less than 2 Watts and price of the motherboard is reduced, the performance of the next generation OLPC Laptop is actually faster to run full Fedora Linux compared to x86. Here's a video interviewing OLPC's CTO Edward J. McNierney where he explains how OLPC's world class engineers are making this change of CPU architecture and why. If OLPC XO-1 threatened Intel enough to start the Netbook market and has reached 2 million poor kids in third world countries thus far, XO-1.75 may help start the ARM Powered Linux laptop market. Do you think Fedora/Sugar will do or should OLPC attract Chrome OS and Android solutions for education to get faster help from the big boys of Silicon Valley to bring Linux software successfully to the next billion PC/Laptop users?
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Submission + - John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) benefit->

jetcityorange writes: Charity auction for John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) of an original Cap'n Crunch whistle from the cereal box *and* a copy of the June 72 issue of Ramparts with the article on how to make a black box. All proceeds go directly to John Draper to help him after his recent surgery.

Phone phreaks unite! An elder needs our help!


Jerry Whiting
JetCityOrange / Seattle

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Submission + - Pirate Party rally draws 500 to support Wikileaks-> 2 2

An anonymous reader writes: A Pirate Party Australia public demonstration at the weekend drew 500 protesters on a march through the city calling for a social media uprising and chanting for Bradley Manning's release outside the US Consulate General [photos] offices in the city. Speakers included the party's president Rodney Serkowski, journalists and activists calling for Manning and Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange to be freed. Serkowski said plans to censor the net underscored the need for such sites. US soldier Manning, suspected of leaking the diplomatic cables to Assange's whistleblowers' website last year, is in US military custody while Assange is facing extradition to Sweden and a possible US grand jury investigation for alleged espionage.
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