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Comment: Re:Could be a different route involved for the VPN (Score 4, Informative) 393

"i guess netflix got so big they think they can extract payment from everyone" Now there's a good one. In reverse shill-logic world perhaps. For those interested in what's really happening I'll point you here ( ). Headline: Verizon caught throttling Netflix traffic even after its pays for more bandwidth. And that is basically what they are doing, artificially restricting Netflix not going through VPN to (arguably) criminally low speeds by means of not upgrading hardware on purpose to thwart who they view as "competition. Although I'm not sure Verizon will sell you anything remotely useful for $8 a month. I quit Verizon for this reason although I never told the CS rep because they try to make it hard to quit anyway. Verizon seems to be trying to fool everyone with (what seems to most people) lots of mumbo jumbo and outright deception, I for one hope they don't continue to get away with this attempt to make there "competitors" look bad.

Comment: Re:HEROIN® brand diamorphine (Score 1) 474

by itsenrique (#47490601) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use
People behind glass most likely in areas where there really is a violence problem. Much like convenience stores. The other thing you may be forgetting is that prices of hard drugs are SKY high due to all the hands involved in it. Cocaine doesn't have to bankrupt anyone, nor Heroin or any other "expensive" street drug.

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by itsenrique (#47488817) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use
I think what most people are suggesting is more like local police (or federals) still go after street dealers because legal regulated sale will be allowed that by and large will be the norm because people know it's safe. Like ALCOHOL. Sure, theres a few old timers and rural folk still running moonshine stills, but really, almost all alcohol sale and consumption in the US is legal and taxed. So, there will be some sort of clinic or dispensary where you to go to get your cocaine or heroin. Perhaps there are limits to amount and refusal of sale if customer is already visibly intoxicated, there are hours when sale is restricted (to prevent never-ending binges), and proper ID is required but hopefully goes back to no centralized database. This looks an awful lot like how we handle liquor already, it would be a little more complicated, but not much.

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No ads, no public displays of drug use, no public drug use, not even in designated public venues, and no brown paper bag bullshit either. Keep it private. No operating heavy machinery or participation in traffic while intoxicated. But yeah, the drug use itself should not be criminal.

No ads? OK, sounds reasonable. No public display? OK, we don't allow this for alcohol EXCEPT in designated venues. Do you see a problem with pot cafes? Or methadone clinics? If by public you mean on the street OK, but if you mean no consumption anywhere except the home this contradicts how we treat alcohol. No brown paper bag bullshit? Well you don't usually drink drugs, so OK. No operating machinery or participating in traffic while intoxicated? OK, although proving this for many drugs is much more challenging than alcohol. Example: marijuana.

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People who get into these fields often study in community college programs designed for corrections and criminal studies. It's usually a really expensive building with really expensive furniture inside and some very stern looking people working there compared to the rest of the college. The classes take less time to complete, and I'd wager less mental horsepower than getting an AA degree in anything. For reference I'm in Florida.

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It might then surprise you to learn that both Heroin (not in the USA *presently* but in Europe) and methamphetamine are already legal in certain forms for certain diseases. Heroin is used for end-of-life cancer treatment from what I understand in some countries because it is more powerful than morphine for pain relief. Methamphetamine is prescribed for weight loss sometimes still (although is efficacy compared to surgeries is questionable) and for extreme cases of ADD. It is designed to be used orally however and not smoked or injected.

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"Global free market economy" is just a bunch of BS. How has this being a global economy made it easier for Americans to go to Western Europe for example to work? Not a damn bit. It isn't a "global free market" thats just some politispeak BS. These trade agreements are really just designed to inflate company profits. They don't open up borders in any meaningful ways that help us.

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by itsenrique (#47485787) Attached to: Chicago Red Light Cameras Issue Thousands of Bogus Tickets
"Then, over a 12-day spike, it spewed 563 tickets — 560 of them for rolling rights" That is pretty much the issue. See, before these stupid cameras people came to a very very slow speed, looked and executed a turn all at once. If there is enough visibility at the intersection you would make a right. Police could technically ticket you for it but I have never heard of one in my life of driving / motorcycle riding. In fact I still regularly do this in front of police at areas that have no camera. There are often issues of technicality here too, like, you need to stop before the white line but you stopped after. The cameras are very questionable from a safety standpoint because now people don't know how to behave when coming to a stop. It has been documented that these cameras cause more rear end collisions because of this fact. In this case in particular the fact that the journalist uncovered seems to be selective enforcement. In other words, there have been cameras for years. We always still did a rolling stop on red, no one ever got a ticket. Now one day same cameras, same signs, but different enforcement.

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But you only need to hold it for a limited amount of time, if you stream all except the audio feeds it wouldn't be that much at all. And anyway, the amount of data transmitted could be scaled to the capability of the network. It seems very possible. Just encrypt over WiFi. Phase in over 10 years so its not a cost shock, though it seems many planes already have WiFi.

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