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Comment: Re:Completely useless for me. (Score 1) 177

by itsenrique (#47443487) Attached to: Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster
No, but commercial kitchens in most of the developed world use gas. It's generally sought after in homes by cooking enthusiasts as well. My point is even in Sweden if these things became common in restaurant it could save a lot of gas, and restaurant owners are usually about the bottom line in my experience.

Comment: Re:"Tastes about average for West Texas" (Score 2) 229

by itsenrique (#47438971) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water
You may be surprised sir. Florida native here, Tampa / St. Pete born and raised. I had the good fortune to be able to do the beginning section of the PCT ( I tasted the water in San Diego, Escondido, Ramona, and many MUCH MUCH more rural spots. The water is awful and sometimes tastes like odd chemicals or minerals when it's from wells fairly consistently. Municipal water is better but not better than FL water. It's generally well known by the locals that the water out west in rural areas in terrible. Florida well water is not the best, but its great by comparison to some of the nasty water I was drinking on the trail in the desert. "Hey, its keeping me alive", I'd think as a strange tingle and off taste lingered on my palate after drinking from a concrete bowl designed for horse consumption only. Water is quite scarce in the border region I was in. I've had NYC tap through clean pipes and it was the best I've had so far. Florida's aquifers will still be kicking when it starts to *really* dry up out west too.

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Sorry, I'll bite. The problem is that the "anti-tax" people that are elected (and electable in the future) are not against giving more money and power to the police in general. And neither are the "pro-tax" people. This isn't about money. It's about power and authoritarian over-reach. You could take away their choppers and tanks and cut salaries but that wouldn't address the underlying issues. By trying to steer this into a conversation about taxes you fail to see the very real problems with police brutality, corruption, lying, profiling, and on and on. Now, back on topic...

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An anonymous reader writes "Oklahoma has already experienced about 240 minor earthquakes this year, roughly double the rate at which California has had them. A recent study (abstract) has now tied those earthquakes to fracking. From the article: "Fracking itself doesn't seem to be causing many earthquakes at all. However, after the well is fracked, all that wastewater needs to be pumped back out and disposed of somewhere. Since it's often laced with chemicals and difficult to treat, companies will often pump the wastewater back underground into separate disposal wells. Wastewater injection comes with a catch, however: The process both pushes the crust in the region downward and increases pressure in cracks along the faults. That makes the faults more prone to slippages and earthquakes. ... More specifically, the researchers concluded that 89 wells were likely responsible for most of the seismic activity. And just four wells located southeast of Oklahoma City were likely responsible for about one-fifth of seismic activity in the state between 2008 and 2013.""
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by itsenrique (#47280349) Attached to: Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle
I think some people just like to hear explosions, once you start going deaf it won't bother you as much!. But in all seriousness sport bike riders use "loud pipes" as well because they are less restrictive, usually giving a little boost in the upper part of the rev range ("racy", "radical" powerband). People use earplugs if they don't want to go deaf.

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Having been in traffic court a few too many times, let me tell you: fighting tickets is NOT what the judge is looking for. For this type of small time high volume casework they HEAVILY steer you toward making a plea and not stating your case to save time. They are usually not willing to hear people out and more punitive if you claim not guilty vs going the no contest route (what they want). I'm talking mostly about speeders, I've never been to court for a parking ticket, but I believe it may be the same court.

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