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+ - Amazing! I have just received a Google Error

Submitted by itranspire
itranspire (1852960) writes "No other error message has the power to induce such happy emotions like a Google Error message. Especially considering its unexpected nature. Common folk like me goes to sleep at night without even considering such a message could be seen and provoked by a regular user being.
And it remains like that until one day you make a search, get your Google results, click on a link to a video in Youtube, and boom... error message 502 by Google. It turns your world around."

Comment: Evolution in action, the fittest survive... (Score 1) 143

by itranspire (#36170328) Attached to: Social Influence and the Wisdom of Crowd Effect
The fittest are not necessarily the smartest? The dummer the person, the higher the psychological resilience, the more numerous the offspring.... :D it seems joining the crowd in undermining the wisdom could be the better survival strategy from evolutionary perspective :D...

Comment: ... Or it could be just a coincidence... (Score 1) 202

by itranspire (#36169208) Attached to: Local Atmosphere Heated Rapidly Before Japan Quake
There always exists the possibility that there could be no dependency between the earthquake and the change in the temperature of the atmosphere and it could have happened to be just an unfortunate coincidence resulting in many scientific and non-scientific heads banging themselves against the wall looking for something that isn't there at all....

Antidepressants In the Water Are Making Shrimp Suicidal 182 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the crustacean-frustration dept.
Antidepressants may help a lot of people get up in the morning but new research shows they are making shrimp swim into that big bowl of cocktail sauce in the sky. Alex Ford, a marine biologist at the University of Portsmouth, found that shrimp exposed to the antidepressant fluoxetine are 5 times more likely to swim towards light instead of away from it. Shrimp usually swim away from light as it is associated with birds or fishermen.

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