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Comment: this may just be convoluted logic (Score 1) 150

by itchybrain (#46788637) Attached to: Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

Let me get this straight.

The stock price of a company is reflected in its market cap.

The company has assets (AliBaba and Yahoo Japan) that exceeds its market cap

Shouldn't the proper conclusion drawn be that the company is undervalued, and its stock price is cheap? To label its core holding as worthless is just not helpful.

Comment: wait a sec (Score 1) 554

I watched this on CBC. Dr. Peter Lin made two good points:

(1) The study was carried out on healthy subjects. Thus the impact is minimal.

(2) Vegetarians, pregnant moms and people who are selective in their diets (college students) can benefit from supplements.

I could not find the transcript but the video is available here:

ps: just fast-forward to 2:03

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