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Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 117

How's that strategy working in North Korea, Iran, etc.?

The collateral of such a strategy puts a heavy toll on the citizens. I would rather prefer that countries freeze assets of officials and restrict their movements internationally.

By the way, I am in agreement that international communities can help persuade such countries to enact fairer policies.

Comment think again (Score 1) 232

To all those who think we should do away with figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, etc. because those sports require panels of judges, think again.

In a game of football (or soccer) and ice-hockey, you need referees. In badminton and tennis, you need umpires. In fact most sports require arbiters of sorts. How many times have you seen a match swing from one team/player to another because of a bad call (Maradona's Hand of God, anyone)?

Comment Re:Honestly the size of the book means nothing. (Score 1) 351

You can easily do a fantastic movie without much dialogue or voiceovers. In fact, the best way to do dialogue and voice overs is to let a good actor improvise. Works better than having the screenwriter do it - who should be creating potentially amazing scenes.

You mean like in a porno?

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