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Comment: Re:It looks hideous (Score 1) 64

by isthisnicknameinuse (#27014005) Attached to: First Impressions of the Neuros Link

Yeah, but keep in mind that it's not a 100% finished and polished product.

It's labeled "Gamma" for a reason, and it has a 4 months no-questions-asked return policy built-in for the same reason ;)

It's arguably ugly since it's made with off-the-shelf components mostly and the case is not a custom case, it's pretty much off the shelf too. I for one could do away without the extra-bright power button light and some bulk.

Pretty sure that following iterations of the product will be much more pretty and have some customized design, like all previous Neuros products.

Comment: Re:Review misses important point (Score 2, Informative) 64

by isthisnicknameinuse (#27013935) Attached to: First Impressions of the Neuros Link

> The review misses one of the most important things in a home media device which is: is it fan-less and how noisy is it?

It's not fanless, but the fan is not very noisy. It's definitely not audible with any kind of audio being played back by the TV. It's normally inaudible against daytime background noise. You can hear it in a silent room, or at night.

> Finally it mentions Hulu as the main media portal... and fails to mention this isn't accessible outside of the USA.

Hulu is just one of the various video providers that is integrated. Most of them are USA-only (blame big media...), but there are some that work outside of the states.

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