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by istartedi (#47467841) Attached to: Mt. Fuji Volcano In 'Critical State' After Quakes

Ask someone from Seattle

Ask someone from the entire central US. Yellowstone's "next to" is pretty large when you consider the projected ash fall from a major eruption. Aside from that, the knock-on effect on food supply and weather would have global consequences, so I guess we're all pretty "stupid".

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The place I just moved from was a fine example of this. Bathtub clogs. Not just a bit. Full stop. Clogged. I tried vinegar+baking soda, hot water, no dice. Called the landlord, who calls the plumber.

Plumber is like... routine hair clog. Goes to work on it. No dice. After hacking for 10 minutes and getting nowhere (it's a master plumber and he's got an apprentice with him) they dive under the house to access from a different angle.

The real problem? It seems that ages ago the little brass dumb-bell that plugs the drain had broken off its chain. No problem. They just replaced it, leaving the old one in what they must have figured was a wider pipe. Perhaps it was, but over time it worked its way down to another section of pipe and just so happens it plugged nicely against the joint.

Only practical way to fix this problem was to cut the pipes with a killer saw. There were sparks flying and everything. The guy showed me that among other things, some guy had somehow sleeved one pipe over another, perhaps as some amateur way to stop leaks.

This was a 92 year old building. Like you say, weird things happen. Landlord was pretty pissed about the bill until I explained it. That's one nice thing about renting anyway--I didn't have to pay it.

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I recently moved out of Comcast's service area and am in the process of trying to have improper charges removed. Fortunately I live within a reasonable drive of their SA, where there is a physical office. Thus, I was able to employ the tactic of actually meeting a rep face-to-face. Like I said, I'm still in process though. She said I'd get a check. Both of us were very polite, because of being in person. She even did as I asked and printed a screen capture of her terminal, gave me her name so I would be able to properly document this in case the check never arrives and/or the charges aren't cancelled.

It's sad that you have to do this. I pity those who can't drive back into the SA and employ this tactic. They will probably have a much harder time.

BTW, allegedly the first rep that I cancelled with only changed my address, didn't cancel the account. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to change address outside the SA without cancelling. (sarcasm).

According to another source (not sure if this is true) reps get a +1 when somebody signs up and a -1 when somebody cancels. If this is true, then it's easy to see how the rep would be tempted to just change the address so that their rating wouldn't be affected. These aren't sales people, they are just order-takers. Sales incentives like that have no place in such situations, since the best sales person in the world cannot provision outside the SA!

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See my post just prior to this one. It all hinges on the word "might" in my first post. I believe you improperly inferred that I was stating all alternatives *must* exist, as opposed to *might* exist. Yuck, I don't relish the thought of being in Nietsche's company. However, that's based on experiences with my peers when we were teenagers. They were just exasperating to talk to, and one of them actually went certifiably insane.

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Let's cycle back to what I said in the first place:

That might not be too far from the one where I'm GWBM

Do you see the word might in there?

You and a lot of other people incorrectly read that as must, hence you are arguing against something I never said, namely that infinity necessitates all possibilities. I got caught up in it a bit myself, going off on how unconstrained infinity may include all possibilities until proven otherwise, which I maintain is true.

Fact is, this whole thread actually seems to be an inference problem. There was of course, no way I could have headeed it off at the pass, I must invoke my un-named "rule" at this point:

Inference is broken

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You've still missed the point.

No I haven't. If we were discussing the set of prime numbers and I said "how about six" you could say, "No, because it's divisible by 2 and 3". The set of prime numbers is an infinite set with well known restrictions.

We're discussing alternative universes. If I say, "How about the one where I'm GWB?" You have nothing to say because this discussion started with the premise, and ONLY the premise that alternative universes are an infinite set. There were no other criteria specified. I submit that in the absence of such criteria not only may we speculate on all possibilities, we must.

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OK, you've done a good job now of explaining what you mean; but my possibility is just as valid as yours. Maybe the multiverse has to include numbers beyond 1.0, and maybe it doesn't.

Maybe it's an infinite set full of bizarre possibilities, and maybe it's an infinite set full of subtle variations on our known theme. We just. Don't. Know.

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Except in the one where you posted saying it wasn't, but were mistaken because it actually was. That might not be too far from the one where I'm GWB, a frequent Slashdot poster. It's interesting to ponder the concept of what "infinity" really means when you consider all the possibilities on some mundane thing like that.

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I can't help but picture a sign on the door at the exit of an airport in Israel. It reads "Thank-you for not stirring up ancient inter-tribal conflict".

I think you're post will be as effective as such a hypothetical sign; but thanks for trying. X --+ (Don Quixote's lance and a windmill).

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