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Comment: This just in.... (Score 5, Insightful) 473

by isopropanol (#43995883) Attached to: The $200,000 Software Developer

Only a few people make 2.5x the average...

Also news:
Only a few people have substantially higher than average intelligence,
Only a few cars have much higher maximum acceleration than the industry average,
Only a few people have substantially lower sprint or marathon times than average,
Only a few drisophila have curlier wings than average...
Only a few people have substantially more acute hearing perception than average,

I'm not sure if it's just the summary, but it seems the author may not understand the nature of the bell curve and why it's a decent model for population distributions.

Comment: Re:no (Score 2) 238

by isopropanol (#43967777) Attached to: HP Discontinue OpenVMS

Had being the important tense. I work as a computer sub contractor. I have been in a LOT of branches of banks, power utilities, big box stores, restaurants, telephone exchanges, defence sites, that sort of thing. The only place I have seen a VMS machine this decade is a certain video store chain who's parent company went bankrupt (and stopped supporting/upgrading their IT) last decade.

Comment: Re:Payment without user confirmation (Score 1) 193

by isopropanol (#43762429) Attached to: UK Consumers Reporting Contactless Payment Errors

I saw it coming... Before one of my banks put them on ALL their cards I got a survey about how much I would like them. All my asnwers were the most negative on their scale and multiple write-ins (in the write in space) to the effect of OMFG NO, worst idea ever!

Sadly I was apparently the only one who thought so because now they do not have any credit cards that do not have NFC.

Comment: Re:Read their website (Score 3, Insightful) 268

by isopropanol (#43556631) Attached to: Btrfs Is Getting There, But Not Quite Ready For Production

Also, read the article. The authors were experimenting and came across some bugs in some pretty hairy edge cases (hundreds of simultaneous snapshots, large disk array suddenly becoming full, etc) that did not cause data loss. They eventually decided not to use BTRFS on one type of system but are using it on others.

To me, the article was a good thing... But I would have preferred if it was worded as here are some edge case bugs that need fixing before BTRFS is used in our scenario, rather than that these were show stoppers... Because these are not likely show stoppers to anyone who's not implementing the exact same scenario.

Also It sounds like they should jitter the start time of the backups...

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.