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Journal Journal: Fail: Reply to an inquiry about shipping one bag (10pcs) of Tee Nuts to Canada

Due to the complexity of U.S. export regulations, McMaster-Carr accepts international orders only from our established customers. This decision also applies to orders shipping within the United States, because it is based on the final destination of the items. We will not provide a quotation or accept your orders.

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Journal Journal: Note to restaurant chain IT planners

It may seem like a good idea to mount the IT cabinet 8 feet off the floor (it won't get splashed on and nobody will hit their head). DO NOT DO IT. The floor WILL be greasy, and the ladder will also be greasy. Put the IT cabinet in the office, a couple of feet off the ground if you need it to be mopped under, but not high enough to need a ladder.

Also, to anyone choosing a half-size wall-mount cabinet: There is at least one model where the equipment is vertical parallel to the back wall instead of the standard layout. IT IS CRAP! There is no access to any of the equipment not in the front row. Choose any standard horizontal layout cabinet.

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Journal Journal: Epic FAIL

Had a call at a pharmacy where the server was in the lunch room, used for web browsing while staff are on break -- as administrator. The failed hard drive turned out to be error messages from a trojan.

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Journal Journal: Aperture hot folder, please quit telling aperture to advance to the next image

I have an opportunity to shoot christmas photos coming up and I need my assistant to be able to do prints while I'm shooting and uploading via eye-fi.

Unfortunately aperture hot folder includes a nasty piece of code that throws in a "->" keystroke after every import, interrupting the user (although it makes for a nice live slideshow if you don't have someone doing prints and aperture is fullscreen).

Solution: "view contents" on, find main.scpt and comment out the keystroke.Probably OK to comment out the contents of this whole block, but I just did the keystroke to be on the safe side.

on advance_selection()
        tell application "System Events"
                -- if Aperture is the frontmost applicaiton then hit the right arrow key to advance to the next image
                set the application_identifier to the creator type of first process whose frontmost is true and visible is true
                if the application_identifier is "fstp" then
                        -- key code 124
                end if
        end tell
end advance_selection