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Comment: Re:I've always thought that the best way for Israe (Score 1) 323

by walterbyrd (#47443043) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System


Israeli airstrikes are a response to Palestinian aggression. Were it not for the rocket attacks, Israel would not have launched air strikes.

The entire thing started because Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered.

Hamas is committed to the death of all Jews - it's right in the Hamas charter.

Israel may not be perfect, but let's not pretend that the Palestinians are just innocent victims in all this.

+ - Linux Lands on NSA Watch List->

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walterbyrd (182728) writes "According to a report first published in German on Tagesschau on July 3 and followed up by an English language report on DasErste, Linux users are an area of specific interest for surveillance. The report details rules in the XKeyscore source code that identify visitors to the Linux Journal Website, the Tor Onion Router site as well as the Tails Linux distribution site. NSA's interest in Tor has been previously documented in an October 2013 report."
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+ - Study: Going vegetarian can cut your food carbon footprint in half-> 1

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walterbyrd (182728) writes "Food production is responsible for as much as 25 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions that are heating up the planet. And meat tends to have a bigger footprint than fruits and vegetables do — partly because meat takes more overall energy to produce, but also because cows tend to burp up a lot of methane."
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Comment: Cannot trust Microsoft (Score 0) 178

Microsoft's motives are obvious. Other nations are adopting open-source, because nothing is hidden, and Microsoft is saying "me too." Microsoft is just trying to stop other countries from adopting open source.

Problem is: as soon as you start trusting Microsoft, Microsoft will pull the 'ol switcheroo. Then once Microsoft has you vendor-locked: it's problem solved - for Microsoft.

Microsoft's basic strategy has been the same for decades. Anybody who trusts Microsoft at this point is an ignorant fool.

+ - Microsoft caught paying blogger to write pro-MSIE posts->

Submitted by walterbyrd
walterbyrd (182728) writes "SocialChorus, an "advocate marketing" firm working on behalf of Microsoft, has been offering to pay bloggers for promoting Internet Explorer. The campaign was exposed after popular blogger and Twitter designer Paul Stamatiou, who also contributes to TechCrunch as a guest writer, was approached by the company to write a paid piece."
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+ - What Everyone Gets Wrong in the Debate Over Net Neutrality->

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walterbyrd (182728) writes "“Fast lane is how the internet is built today,” says Craig Labovitz, who, as the CEO of DeepField Networks, an outfit whose sole mission is to track how companies build internet infrastructure, probably knows more about the design of the modern internet than anyone else. And many other internet experts agree with him. “The net neutrality debate has got many facets to it, and most of the points of the debate are artificial, distracting, and based on an incorrect mental model on how the internet works,” says Dave Taht, a developer of open-source networking software."
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+ - The way we board airplanes makes absolutely no sense->

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walterbyrd (182728) writes "Most US airlines follow the same procedure for allowing non-first-class passengers to board a plane. They let people who are sitting in the back board first, then people in the next few rows, gradually working their way toward the front.

This procedure makes absolutely no sense.

The fastest ways to board a plane are Southwest's boarding method — where people choose their own seats — or a theoretical boarding method known as the "Steffen method" that's not currently in use"

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Comment: Re:As a Motorcyclist, I Declare "Meh" (Score 1) 345

by Thagg (#47280899) Attached to: Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

*sigh* that's a Suzuki DL-650 Vstrom, not a Honda. The new one does get about 60mpg, my 2009 only about 55.

I agree with those that say that, unfortunately, this is not going to be a successful bike. I really like the idea of an electric motorcycle, but it should come from a company that does exactly that. H-D fans aren't going to want it, and the insane high price that they will charge for the nameplate will keep others from buying it. I'd love a 60 mile-range electric bike that cost $10,000. I'd buy it tomorrow, but this isn't that.

Comment: How amazingly convenient! (Score 0) 682

by walterbyrd (#47272445) Attached to: IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive

The hard crashed right after it was discovered that the IRS was involved in a partisan scam. Perfect timing.

And this from an administration so well known for it's cover-ups - like the Benghazi cover-up.

If this is what the government claims, then it must be true. We never get anything but 100% truth from our government, right?

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