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Comment: Re:Op-Eds Like this Aren't Helping (Score 1) 232

by islandrain (#15731095) Attached to: The Videogame Industry is Broken
There must be a reason why these articles keep coming up, chief. I haven't bought a non-Nintendo game in years now. The last PS2 game I bought was Taito Drummaster. And while there have been a few other games for the PS2 that have been acceptable, nothing has spawned from the XBox that I've wanted to play, nor the XBox360. RPG's are fewer and fewer and less interesting than they were 10 years ago even. Something is missing from the game equation right now and a LOT of people feel the same way as I do. We're not all interested in Madden or FPS's, and for most, that's all we see being really offered on the new systems.

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