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Comment: Where is my maths wrong? (Score 1) 397

FTFA "A comparative risk assessment of drugs including alcohol and tobacco using the margin of exposure (MOE) approach was conducted. The MOE is defined as ratio between toxicological threshold (benchmark dose) and estimated human intake ....The benchmark dose values ranged 531mg/kg bodyweight for alcohol (ethanol)"

So that's 1/2 a g per kg, or say 50g for me. A bottle of wine masses 750g, and at 13% would contain 97.5 g of alcohol

So according to this paper if I drink half a bottle of wine without excreting I am in danger of toxicological thresshold

Alarmist nonsense.

Comment: Re:Skip MATLAB, Learn R (Score 3, Insightful) 242

by ishmaelflood (#48750883) Attached to: Little-Known Programming Languages That Actually Pay

matlab programmer here. $130k+super+6 weeks leave +18 sick days per year. So, as dead ends go, not too shabby

In parts of the automotive world matlab is used for algorithm development (for example for image recognition for anti collision systems) which can then be automagically cross compiled for the target embedded processor.

Comment: Risks, OMG think of the children (Score 1) 321

" Particularly alarming was the number of camera feeds of sleeping babies, which people often set up to protect them, but, being unaware of the risks, don't change the username or password from the default options that came with the cameras."

What risk, exactly? I can't imagine anything more boring than a video of a sleeping baby.

Comment: 90% ? (Score 2, Informative) 423

by ishmaelflood (#48071763) Attached to: Past Measurements May Have Missed Massive Ocean Warming

So given that conventional atmosphere models have ignored this to date, if the oceans are storing 90% of the excess heat, why aren't the conventional models showing temperature rises 10 times as great as what is observed, say 5-10 deg C?

Either the summary or the article are slack in the extreme.

Comment: Re:Not Even Funny (Score 0) 272


Subtract all fossil fuels from your current lifestyle. And all plastic, unless you are using casein(rendered cheese).

I think you'll find that your lifestyle will be about Cuban on the level of energy intensity. That is obviously feasible, but not without sacrifice. Unlike your idol Al Gore you won't be flying ANYWHERE ever again.

Comment: whales get the bends? (Score 1) 272

Um, that's a bit of a puzzle, the whale breathes in air at atmospheric pressure, therefore to a first order approximation the air in its body can't be at much more than that after compression and then surfacing.

I'm not saying its impossible, but I can't see what pressure is driving the nitrogen deep into joints etc, it should all be in equilibrium.

the whole point with bends and SCUBA is that you are breathing high pressure air, and so high pressure nitrogen diffuses into the parts of the body with lower partial pressures of nitrogen, then when you surface the high pressure nitrogen wants to diffuse out again, but can't easily. If the whole lot starts in equilibrium then it all compresses together. This loosely is why duck diving into quite significant depths is safe without a decompression stage.

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