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+ - Microsoft is Sued for Patent Violation over .NET

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randomErr writes: "As reported by Info World Microsoft was issued a cease and desist order on February 7 of this year by Vertical Computer Systems. The order was for patent infringement by the current implementations of the .NET framework. Both the .NET framework and Vertical Computer Systems' SiteFlash use XML to create component-based structures that are used to build and operate web sites. Vertical Computer Systems is requesting a full jury trial. If successful fought .NET technology implementations may completely change as we know it and Microsoft would have to pay out a hefty sum."

+ - 2 Dead in Johnson Space Center Hostage Standoff

Submitted by Cybernetsam
Cybernetsam writes: The Houston Chronicle has the preliminary story on the situation which took place at Johnson Space Center in Houston late this afternoon. A gunman and one hostage, both men, are dead after the violent incident. Houston PD Capt. Dwayne Ready said the first hostage, identified as David Beverly, although officials did not spell his name, was killed during the early minutes of the three-hour-plus ordeal. Authorities had received reports that a gunshot was heard in Building 44 at 1:59 p.m. Houston Police said the gunman, identified by officials as Bill Phillips, apparently shot himself in the head about 5 p.m. today. NASA spokesman James Hartsfield said the building was "one of the smaller" office buildings on the JSC campus, where Mission Control is based. He declined to speculate on how a person would get a gun inside NASA security or what his motives would be.

RIM's Excuse For BlackBerry Outage Finally Emerges->

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Research In Motion has delivered an explanation of what caused the BlackBerry outage earlier this week -- sort of. It says an insufficiently tested software upgrade set off a series of errors at its network operations center, which processes all the emails for BlackBerry devices in North America, and then its "failover process", which is supposed to switch things to a backup system, didn't work properly. The company says that it has plenty of capacity and resources to deal with its volume of messages and growing user base, and that it will better test its upgrades in the future. However, that explanation -- and the long time it took to come out -- doesn't wash with some observers, who say there are enough holes in the story that it doesn't add up. In particular, RIM's contention that it was upgrading its software on a Tuesday night, rather than over a weekend, has raised some red flags. Then, if a scheduled upgrade was behind the problem, shouldn't that have been immediately obvious to the company and news spread quickly by its PR team? The real damage from this episode won't be the outage itself, but rather the fallout from how RIM deals with it. On that front, things already aren't looking so good.
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+ - The Gigahertz Race is Back on

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes: "When CPU manufacturers ran up against the power wall in their designs, they announced that "the Gigahertz race is over; future products will run at slower clock speeds and gain performance through the use of multiple cores and other techniques that won't improve single-threaded application performance." Well, it seems that the gigahertz race is back on — This CNET story talks about how AMD has boosted the speed of their new Opterons to 3GHz. Of course, it the new chips also consume better than 20% more power than their last batch. The real question is: "What happens when they approach 4GHz this time?""

Intuit to refund TurboTax-niks for taxing times onTax Day->

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IRS offers escape hatch, after Intuit's monumental cock-up

Intuit is to refund TurboTax customers who tried to file their tax returns with the IRS on Tax Day using the company's e-filing system - and who got heart attacks instead. As world+dog knows by now, Intuit's servers buckled under the strain of customers trying to fulfil their American taxpayers' duty on April 17.

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+ - Texas Border Watch!

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes: "Now you can help protect our nations borders! Simply pop over to and create an account.
  Access is only available to those honest citizens using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox
whackos need not apply."

Comment: Re:Stop giving the US gov't ideas (Score 1) 822

by isd_glory (#15358463) Attached to: UK Government Wants Private Encryption Keys
Actually, yeah, it seems like they're taking it from the American political playbook...

We would like to violate your privacy because:
- It's for your own protection!
- It will help protect the children!
- We need it to prevent acts of terrorism!

The only good news is that it will take more than just rolling these all together into one law to nullify the 4th Amendment.

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