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Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 316

Let's face it, driver support in Linux is ok for things like word processing, surfing the web, and playing media files. Outrageous frame rates so you get that genuine 'blood in the face' experience? Not happening.

Valve had L4D2 running better under Linux than Windows, and on NVidia hardware too. Decent framerates are not impossible.

Comment: Re:ISO Mounting (Score 1) 642

by isCreeper($('Ssss')) (#39003857) Attached to: Windows 8 Features With Linux Antecedents
But you can fix it. I muck my box up at least once a month, but it's never bad enough that a reinstall is the only solution. Unless the shell or compiler get damaged, I can just rebuild everything, and have it running smoothly within a day or two. How do I fix my Windows install if explorer.exe breaks itself? Also, portage never forces me (or even asks me) to reboot. Never. It seems every time Windows updates itself, I have to tell it to shut up until I'm ready to reboot.

Comment: Re:The "right" to bear arms is an Americanism (Score 0) 201

by isCreeper($('Ssss')) (#38501834) Attached to: A Right To Bear Virtual Arms?

Because if you don't have that right, you are not a free man, you are a subject. And as such, your rights and your life can be taken at any time the people who are your masters decide to. This is not theoretical. See Apartheid. See a hundred other things like that and worse.

See Ghandi.

Sorry if I came off as a troll, but I didn't grow up American. I see what you mean, but also don't understand why people can't just gradually move on. Yes, people will be violent, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it takes violence to resolve it.
Sorry again, it seems there is a culture chasm.

Comment: Re:It's worse in the grammar department (Score 1) 285

Also, a huge part of this is simply personal style. For example, when you say:

That battle was lost many decades ago, if it even got fought.

As an Australian English speaker, the second clause just sounds ugly, and I would say "if it was even fought". Both are correct.

Comment: Re:Linux fanboys are funny (Score 1) 429

by isCreeper($('Ssss')) (#37596178) Attached to: As a target for malware, my main computer is ...

I wonder what would happen if you ran that special codec .exe you download to see those special videos under wine?

Something like , I would imagine. From the link:

A virus run in Wine is akin to taking a ferocious tiger out of the jungle, paralyzing it, then hooking up all of its nerve endings to virtual jungle simulator. It's not a perfect simulation, though, so the jungle maybe doesn't look right, and plus there's an omnipotent power that can change anything that goes on in the simulation, or even destroy it and the tiger's consciousness with a few twitches of his fingers. Now that's power.


+ - Babbage's Analytical Engine to be built->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk writes: Last year John Graham-Cumming launched a project to create a fully-functional implementation of Babbage's original design for a computer — the Analytical Engine. Now it looks as if the project is going ahead. The first phase is to digitize all of Babbage's papers and designs. These will be available to the general public in 2012. The machine to be built is no simple calculator. It is a full computer with a store for between 100 and 1000 values each of 40 digits and it was programmed using punched cards in a modern "operator/address" format. There was even a plan to send the output to a printer. When this device is built it will make it clear that the computer age nearly began in the 18th centuary.
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