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Submission + - How do we sway a mega-corporation from obsolescing your gear?

irving47 writes: As reported and discussed in many reports, Apple is redesigning its iPhone charger from 30 to 19 pins.
Worse yet, the scuttlebutt is every device will need a chip or hardware key to work with the pending new iPhones. This pretty much guarantees the end of 3rd party car chargers, docking stations, and hordes of other accessories that don't want to pay Apple's licensing fees and pass the cost on to we consumers.
My question is: How do we pre-emptively make it completely clear to Apple that this is unacceptable? There is the obvious, "don't buy it" argument. In fact, I'm sure that will be a significant percentage of the comments below! But... Firstly, that's a reactionary, too-late response. Also, the fact is, a lot of us are attached to the iOS in much the same way as we have been Mac OS for years now... We don't WANT to change it, but we don't want to get screwed over, either.
Would you buy a simple 30-19 pin adapter if it meant continuing to use your favorite accessory? I would, but replacing every device because of a hardware key would be an expensive proposition.

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