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Comment: Re:That House episode (Score 1) 30

by irving47 (#46347685) Attached to: Augmented Reality Treatment May Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain

Yeah, he had lost the lower half of his arm. House set up a box with a mirror in it that when both arms were inserted, made it look like he had two complete arms/hands.
When House told him to clench as tight as he could, and soon after relax, I guess his brain finally told the bad limb to stop clenching or doing whatever it thought it was supposed to be doing.

Comment: Re:NO it won't stop anytng (Score 1) 162

by irving47 (#45225591) Attached to: Finally, a Bill To End Patent Trolling

Yeah, but a business owner that receives one of those letters is still going to fear going to court... If it were me, I'd fear the size and integrity of the trolls in question. What if the suit takes MANY months or years? I still have to pay lawyers in the meantime... When I DO come out victorious, how long will it be before a patent troll is on the up-and-up and pays the fees in question? Or will they just disappear into the night via some fakey bankruptcy or dissolution by a parent company?

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This is the part I don't get. You're right. Isn't it pretty well spelled out in the EULA's that you're giving away your right to name your first born, let alone any "privacy" in the email? Add to that the fact that the feds recently said, "screw you, you don't have any expectation of privacy on these email accounts because the servers aren't under your direct control." Wiretapping implies surveillance without knowledge... In a lot of states only one party need know their call is being monitored to make it legal.

Comment: Not "ours" (Score 1) 378

by irving47 (#44882381) Attached to: Obama Asks FCC To Make Carriers Unlock All Mobile Devices

Verizon's smartphones are already unlocked... ATT will unlock as soon as we've paid for the devices in full.
I'm probably over-generalizing.... A mandate like this is going to prompt them to find a way to screw us over. Remember what happened with the portable numbers? We all ended up with a $1.75 "regulatory recovery fee" on our bills for quite a while.

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by irving47 (#44314745) Attached to: Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

New host? Are you going for some sort of super-deluxe, double-catch-22 in reference to the word new? :)

Yeah, I miss Art Bell a lot. I liked Barbara Simpson, on the weekends, several years ago, too. I haven't listened in over a year, since our cumulus station switched to Red-Eye Radio. It sounds like it's gotten worse? Does he still have Ed Dames and Steve Quayle?

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