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Comment Outside on playground, watching 'live' (Score 1) 320

Lived in central FL at the time... 5th grade. We were moving stuff for a play. I was all excited about the 'separation' because I hadn't seen a day launch yet. Just night. I thought it was normal, but couldn't figure out why the number of objects (smoke plumes, really) we could see didn't add up to 2 srb's and 1 shuttle...

Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 169

Yeah, we can tell you're a frakin' n00b by your SEVEN digit user ID #!
Hahaha. Back to the A/V room with you! :) J/K :) Merry Christmas.

Forrest Mimms wrote some very cool books that explained a lot about electronic components, how they operated, and what you could build with them. I had some of those pages memorized.... Some of them still over my head, though, sadly.
I think the most advanced project he drew that I built was a small 1-transistor oscillator that made nearby AM radios receive some clicks or buzzing, depending on the value of the capacitor used.
I remember first buying some of them in 4th grade... 1984 or so.

Comment Re:Common sense = none (Score 1) 283

Hell, he can have all the mod points, and I'll leverage our children's childrens' mod points to boot. It's depressing as hell that not only can we not talk about the statistics and demographics, but to change/improve the situation, what in the world would have to be done?

BUT, I disagree on your different media/shiny toy point.
A shiny, new interface that can engage more senses than a Ticonderoga #2 and loose-leaf paper or workbook.
Sure, it might make a difference between interaction with a computer or watching a video (ie-Sesame Street) but I'd bet money any day of the week that those of us that watched Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Electric Company in the early 80's are more well versed than of our peers who did not, in math and english. Hell, in contractions ALONE....
I'd be a great teacher... But I'd be a depressed and hopeless teacher too quickly.
Then I'd be a fired teacher for telling the wrong kid's parents why their snowflake is failing, using plain, non-PC-filtered english.

Comment Re:To Fight Car Theft (Score 1) 258

Of course they will. Governments are historically quite benevolent about giving up broadened surveillance and other sources of information when actual evidence surfaces it might not be as effective as first thought. I'm sure they are happy to eat the loss of funds for purchase/installation/maintenance of said systems, too.

I really DO NOT get California. If there was ONE state I thought you *might* be able to get an anti-government-monitoring consensus in....

Comment Re:Third Dimension (Score 2) 1197

I've seen this first-hand. A guy locally was going around with an up-skirt camera rig in his duffle-bag. I saw what was going on and alerted security, they called the cops... They said it was a public place with "no reasonable expectation of privacy" so as much as they wanted to get him, they didn't think it would hold. (The guy was long-gone by the time the cops arrived)

Comment Wait... what cabling? (Score 1) 384

So he's going to run up to 16 cables to 8 peds of 2 pumps each...? I guess if you're OK with doing that each time, sure...
Also, if it's only you/your company doing these, why can't you change the IP's on the pumps? Sure, if there was some other application or device needing them to be on a set IP, that would nix that idea.... but as said... they're not networked anyway.

Submission + - Cutting Edge Equipment : Good Performance, or Good GUI? Both?

irving47 writes: As more and more server-level systems are coming from overseas, the development teams can't always be expected to know perfect English spellings... Having a Mac or even Windows-like finish to their GUI's seems unreasonable... But at what point does it start to concern you and what are the key indicators that this is a quality problem bound to rear its head in performance issues, not just a few web pages that only you, the sysadmin, are going to see? One example I've seen is Security Camera DVR's I've set up for customers because of the pricing... The interfaces have misspellings on nearly every page, but they work, for the most part.
So, even in higher-end, commercial settings, GUI "mistakes" : Indication of changing times, or a warning sign of equipment that's just too cheap?

Comment Re:That House episode (Score 1) 30

Yeah, he had lost the lower half of his arm. House set up a box with a mirror in it that when both arms were inserted, made it look like he had two complete arms/hands.
When House told him to clench as tight as he could, and soon after relax, I guess his brain finally told the bad limb to stop clenching or doing whatever it thought it was supposed to be doing.

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