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Submission + - Famous director embracing open source video editor to cut his next film (

JonOomph writes: Director Alex Cox, the creator of “Repo Man” and “Sid and Nancy”, is making plans for his next film, “Bill, the Galactic Hero”, a feature-length science fiction comedy set in the reaches of our galaxy. He is challenging the norm by shooting the film on 35mm monochrome (black and white) film, possibly the last film to ever attempt this, and possibly the first feature film to be edited with popular open source video editor, OpenShot.

Comment 3d acceleration? (Score 1) 378

Why a desktop needs 3d acceleration is beyond me. All research into computer interface design indicate that the concept "black cockpit" is the best When a game or a film making application drives hardware levels I can understand it but not when a workbench or a desktop does it.

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