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Comment: Re:Someday soon ... like 2050 (Score 1) 186

by irokie (#15203262) Attached to: Neural Interface for Gaming Getting Closer?
There is tech avaiable today, yes, but the tech isn't spohisticated nor is our understanding of the way the brain works refined enough to provide anything approaching the level of response that's necessary to compete with the reflex/muscle memory responses most gamers have developed.

What i found interesting about the article was the sort of dynamic game-play (making the game harder if the player is nervous), but even that seems redundant. If you're nervous, your hands are already sweaty on the controller, you're not concentrating at your highest potential. Why would something artificial added to the mix make it any harder for you?

maybe there are medical uses (the concentration aids mentioned in the article), but i get the feeling that the vaporware tag is richly deserved in this case...

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