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+ - A programmable MMORPG that is built using crowd-sourcing->

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joshgriffith writes: "Topia Online is a sandbox MMORPG that is built by the community. Not only is every creature in the game controlled by players, but all aspects of the game can be automated using Javascript. The game engine encourages the use of a built-in IDE to manipulate the game world and it's denizens. Additionally, the core server code will be exposed for the players to review. Game systems are in place to provide rules for script execution based on the player's character and resources.

Players compete for resources and the struggle for power by writing intelligent scripts that allow their agents to survive in the persistent game world. As the characters grow in power, the developer can create new abilities to further their agenda. Additionally, a built-in interface editor allows experienced developers to create UI to improve the user experience of the game. Finally, a script marketplace provides a system for users to share their creations with others. The game has potential to be a Javascript learning tool, as well as a testbed for simulating virtual ecosystems. Although the game is still in the alpha stages, there are playable 'offline' sandboxes for users to experiment in. The game is slated to start beta in January 2013, with an estimated launch date of March 2013."

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Comment: Re:My take (Score 1) 388 388

by irae (#33051940) Attached to: A New Take On the Fermi Paradox

Educating for me is not imposing any beliefs, it is exposing people to different points of view. Religions generally doesn't allow you that, I hope you can see the difference.

I am still not convinced to religion as a placebo to all evil, look at countries with high level of atheism, they are usually better socially developed than the others. For me it is a good indication of what direction we should struggle to.

Comment: Re:My take (Score 1) 388 388

by irae (#33050820) Attached to: A New Take On the Fermi Paradox

The fact that a majority of the people on Earth disagree with you demonstrates not only that it isn't obvious, but that you are probably just as irrational in your beliefs as those people are in theirs.

What are you trying to say is that the majority is always right, which is bollocks.

But at least they have the intellectual honesty to admit it's faith.

What are you trying to say? I always honestly admit that I don't care about deities, I'm an ignostic and happy about it. What's the difference?

For many people faith fills a void

You mean illusion as a cure? The same way the alcoholics find a relief in their abuse? Those people need help from other people, not from imaginary absolute power. I'm not denying them the right to belief in whatever they feel like, I'm saying that a religion is not a solution and it's better to educate people than let them spread the so called "truth".

Comment: Re:Not like The Pirate Bay (Score 1) 423 423

by irae (#27113703) Attached to: Big Swedish Filesharing Server Seized

Do you understand what the word "flamebait" means?

Now I do, apparently when someone expresses an unpopular opinion on slashdot.

Ok, but let's check the definition provided by slashdot:

"Flamebait -- Flamebait refers to comments whose sole purpose is to insult and enrage. If someone is not-so-subtly picking a fight (racial insults are a dead giveaway), it's Flamebait."

So let's all have the same opinion, Linux is great, open source rocks, Micro$oft is evil, we can download whatever we want, and it's just pirating, not stealing. Anyone disagreeing is a troll.

Comment: Re:Map 10 Downing Street (Score 2, Informative) 285 285

by irae (#26797245) Attached to: Firefox 3.2 Plans Include Natural Language, Themes

Bookmark keywords uses only one parameter %s, ubiquity is much more flexible.

For example, "tra[nslate] something to french"

Besides, you don't have to open a new tab for a result, just type "we[ather] madrid" and you get info in a small elegant console, it's faster.

You can change text with it. E.g., you're writing an email, and you want to change a URL to tinyurl. Select the URL, ctrl+space, type [tiny]url, enter. Voila, it's changed. I find it very useful.

And it looks cool with different skins.

Comment: Re:NOOOOOOOOOO! (Score 2, Insightful) 285 285

by irae (#26796941) Attached to: Firefox 3.2 Plans Include Natural Language, Themes
What?? But ctrl+space is why I like it! it's like eclipse's content assist, handy and fast. I love translating with ubiquity, it's just ctrl+space, tra shit to french. much easier than going to google page, focus the edit field, choose languages with a mouse, hit search, ugh.

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