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Submission + - Linux User Group for Professionals? (Redux)->

ir0b0t writes: "In August of 2005 I posted asking if there were other lawyers who had migrated their law offices to FOSS. Its now January of 2009, and I want to renew the question. Its ironic that a profession as devoted to logic and the Constitution as lawyers has not required more FOSS literacy of its members. Has anything changed since 2005? Are there lawyers or other professionals who have formed groups to discuss FOSS and its use? Either as a practical and cost-effective alternative to proprietary code or as mandated by devotion to civil liberties?"
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Submission + - Can Closed Source Be Legally Blended With GPL?

ir0b0t writes: "Using a GPL license with closed source code should mean that the modified code is also GPL. But this guy, ptang ptang olay biscuit barrel, says no. Closed source code *can* sometimes legally be combined with GPL code without resulting in GPL code. I happen to disagree, but I heard he's a lawyer and a coder and that he ought to know. :) Here's the link."

Submission + - free software; free legal forms

ir0b0t writes: "Coders and lawyers for openmissoula presented a "proof-of-concept" demo to the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self-Represented Litigants that uses free code to give free legal forms to low and moderate income Montanans. Many Montanans cannot get access to the courts for even simple matters. Existing nonprofits typically use large grants for proprietary solutions. Will the proof-of-concept demo be embraced by the Montana lawyers?"
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Submission + - Support For Small Professional Offices Using FOSS

ir0b0t writes: "I have a small office and recently finished replacing all the code in my office with FOSS. It took over 5 years, and my brother had to help me a lot. He actually did everything, and I tried to stay out of his way and learn as much as I could. Here is what I'm running now: * Ubuntu 7.04 * Samba * Drupal * OpenOffice * egroupware * backuppc * Firefox * Thunderbird * Gnucash Now I need technical support occasionally because the discussions on the forums are often over my head, and my brother may disown me if I keep relying on him for help. What options are available for FOSS technical support in the smaller cities, especially for a small law or accounting office?"
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Journal Journal: Of Telephones And Copy Machines . .

This is a brief note that small professional offices here in my neck of the woods typically overspend by ridiculous amounts when buying phone systems and copiers.

In my experience, its not uncommon for professionals here to spend $3,000 or more on a telephone system that delivers no more service than $300 worth of off-the-shelf AT&T Speakerphones.
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Journal Journal: headless

The server running egroupware had been doubling as a workstation. Nothing ran quickly anymore.

We decided not to start gnome on that machine in the future and devote all available ram and processor cycles to serving the network. The monitor, keyboard and mouse were removed.

I'm using the Emperor Linux laptop (Lenovo & Ubuntu Breezy) for all work now.
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Journal Journal: freenx & egroupware

We've added freenx clients secure remote logins to our network. Excellent.

We've also added egroupware for shared calendar and contacts lists over our samba network. Also excellent. Egroupware appears to have potential for coordinating and centralizing other shared data (e.g. time records).
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Journal Journal: Open Source Law Office: 2005 Recap 1

As the year closes, the open source code successfully used in our office includes the following:

Ubuntu 5.10 with Linux kernel 2.6.12-10-386.

Gnome 2.12.1

Open Office 2.0

Evolution 2.4.1

Firefox 1.0.7

Nvu 1.0

Gimp 2.2.8


Ubuntu is installed on my desktop and though XP Pro is installed on another partition, I do not need to boot it and have not booted it for most of the last quarter of 05.
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Journal Journal: Firefox page loading fix

Firefox was inexplicably failing to load pages when used with Linux. It was a problem under both Mandriva and Ubuntu but not a problem under XP Pro. It did work fine with Ubuntu Linux on my home machine but not my office machine. The two machines use different ISPs but are otherwise substantially identical.

The problem was ridiculous but driving me nuts. Some kind souls on Ubuntu forum posted the fix which was distressingly simple. Now all is well in my Firefox world.
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Journal Journal: Open Source Law Office: Considering Calendars

Evolution does not appear to share calendars the same way that Amicus Attorney shares a calendar. Amicus Attorney has one calendar that can be read and written to over a local area network. Since everyone on the network is required to use a Micro$oft operating system, there's no compatibility issues.

Our goal is to banish M$ from our office forever and ever. We want to be liberated from M$. We need a kludge for this calendar sharing problem to do it.

Here's the problem:
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Journal Journal: Open Source Law Office: Samba Redux

The linux desktop in my office is now networked so that our office machines interact basically the same way they used to under the peer-to-peer Windows XP setup.

I used the simplest smb.conf setup I could find and set my directory permissions with this command:

chmod -R +rwx home/

That directory contains all of our forms and matter files and can be browsed by the Windows XP machine that my secretary uses.
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Journal Journal: Open Source Law Office: Triage

This is a short note to say that between a firewall, ssh and samba, the correct first thing to work on (in my world) is a firewall.

Why? Because its impossible to relax enough to leave my office computer powered up when I go home unless I feel reasonably good about the firewall. If the machine is not powered up, then I have to stop working on all three projects after I leave the office.

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