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Comment: Increasing human lifespan (Score 1) 330

by iqeaten (#27289325) Attached to: Body 2.0 — Continuous Monitoring of the Human Body

The continuous progress of research towards increasing human lifespan is of questionable benefit and certainly not grounded in models found in nature.

Death is as important to the survival of the human race -- and, for that matter, for the survival of life on this planet. With further and further research being done to combat the natural decay and death that accompanies human life, we run the risk of selfishly hogging the planet's resources, when it would be beneficial to the species to cede it to a next generation.

It is natural for individuals to wish to live longer lives, but it is unnatural -- and in my opinion counterproductive -- for an individual to wish all individuals live longer lives, or for a species to attempt to increase the lifespan of its members instead of concentrating on procreation, allowing nature to run its course.

I am all for technology that helps in decreasing the pain and suffering associated with death, but continuously monitoring the human body to find conditions that are mostly natural, and that are mostly lifestyle-based, and attempt to fix them with a view to adding a few years of life put a brake on human evolution and show little regard for following nature's model in such things.

Comment: Re:Suggestions... (Score 1) 1021

by iqeaten (#24099385) Attached to: Learn a Foreign Language As an Engineer?

Hindi is far from being the only language spoken in India. In fact, knowing Hindi probably won't help if you decided to move to or have work done in India; good English certainly will.

For your information, more people speak Bengali (189 million) than Hindi (182 million). Other Indian languages are also spoken by a huge number of people: Telugu (66 million), Tamil (62 million), Gujarati (44 million), Kannada (32 million). There are 15 Indian languages in the 50 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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