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That's it. Music overstimulates me as well. Can't listen to it at work unless I'm doing the boring physical tasks where I'm understimulated. I also much prefer to listen to a book on tape or nothing then have music playing in the car.
My daughter says she feels physically car sick if she doesn't have music playing. (I think that's weird).

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IAAL (I am a linguist)

Are you cunning? :)

Seriously, to respond.I developed a distaste for music after playing professionally for 3 years in bar bands. Realized that everyone I worked with was an alcoholic and I decided I had had enough of that life. The distaste was so bad, I couldn't even go into a store where there was musak going on. (It has since subsided)

I'm not saying that everyone of the 25% had the same experience, but that a lot can happen between birth and testing.

So it might be that yes language is a precursor to music, but that has no bearing on life experiences. You are linking one theory to your expected results instead of looking at actual ones.

As far as the animals not using music, I think it depends on your definition of music. There is no reason for a cat to purr when it's happy, other then to show it's joy through sound. They don't purr when they are upset do they. I've also seen videos of birds whistling along with tunes. I don't know why they would do it other then to join in, in a shared experience. (They were pet birds in a relaxed environment).

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I swear to god this is true.
I live on a farm, that when we bought it inherited a number of cats, as well as a bunch from a neighbors farm. (owner had died so cats transferred to where the food was). Along with these cats came feline leukemia which is a sickness that will kill a 3 year old cat within a month, but is often picked up when they are kittens. (very sad). They end up being very lethargic and then die. We ended up with over 20 cats, peaking at over 30.

In anycase, there was one cat, we called the mother cat, that seemed to be like the mother hen of the other cats. She would adopt kittens from other cats that didn't seem to have the ability to take care of their own. She was a great mouser and would sit on top of a fence post watching for mice. Or she would do this strange echooy call as she walked through the fields. In anycase it worked for her.

She came down with the feline leukemia and was in a bad state. We did what we could for her, but she was going fast. On the day before she died, she was just lying around when other cats started bringing her presents of mice. She perked up with these gifts but was dead within the day.

The important point here is that other cats
1. knew she was dying, or at least in trouble.
2. brought her gifts which they would not normally do.
3. she accepted these gifts.

All the cats seemed sad after she died, and I supposed that I could be just anthropomorphizing their response. But I don't think so.

I've also heard in other barns, that cats have a hierarchy of places to sit. (on bales of hay). The top cats are the highest.

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I've had a daughter and two sons, and in my experience the tech gender is a built in thing. My daughter was the first born, and wanting to not push her into the dolls and such, I gave her a remote control car for Christmas when she was quite young. (1 1/2). She also had a doll. Guess which one got ignored.

Couple of years later, boy was born. From birth, anything with wheels was fascinating to him. Same for my second son.

Now all children have different personalities right from the beginning so my experience may not line up with yours, but I suspect that there is something natural about more boys liking tech then girls.

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I watched the video, and he seemed to be handling the situation as well as anyone could. What exactly do you think he should have done. They cleared the building of people, and animals. Found that the fire was in the other end of the building so went and retrieved the expensive cameras. Helped the firemen as best they could, and assessed the damage. He obviously had a plan in place, since they were talking about head counts, and the time it took to evacuate (2 minutes).

I don't think he was out of his league. He was just in a tight spot. Anyone trying to do anything difficult will occasionally get in tight spots. That's just life.

+ - How to create screencast in Chrome OS->

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "An average PC user may never need to create screen-cast or take screen-shots, but advocates like me do need them often – most of the times we need them to demonstrate how things are done to a new users remotely. It’s a very important part of any tutorial. While taking screen-shots is extremely easy on Chromebooks, it was not that easy to create screen-casts. But now there are easy 'terminal' hacks which allows one to capture the screen and audio on Chromebooks."
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It seems to me that every time RMS has had an opinion on something it has been validated some time in the future. That's not to say that his solutions have been validated, just the problems he has pointed out. Every single problem that he has stated an opinion on, has come to haunt us. An almost always he is described as a crackpot when he states his opinions. I think RMS is one of the true visionaries in the world, he sees the future and suggests ways to avoid it. Sometimes his views are followed with great success (gnu/linux for example) Other times they are ignored, (copyright and patent problems stated way back when have been a thorn in the side of many software developers).

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