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Comment: Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 116

by invisibletank (#47534135) Attached to: eSports Starting To Go Mainstream
I think a lot of the popularity of athletic sports comes from the fact that a viewer has some sort of stake in their team, such as pride for their city or country, i.e. the psychological aspect of "we're better than you." At least for myself, I enjoy sports, but only if I have a stake in the team. If it's just two random teams that I don't have any attachment to or opinion of, I tend to not be interested at all even if it's a sport I thoroughly enjoy watching when my team is playing. If video games are to have success on a larger stage, such as broadcast television, the average Joe is going to have to care about it. I.e. "Hey, the Seattle xxxx DOTA 2 team just beat the $#)(% out of San Francisco, etc."

Comment: Re:The internet of things...that might get you kil (Score 2) 128

Completely agree. This is somewhat along the same line: I don't want a smart fridge - someone might hack in and turn up the temp just enough so I don't notice but enough to cause me to get food poisoning from the warmer temp. Of course they'd disable the temp alarm in the process. I don't want someone turning on my smart toaster and burning my house down, or causing my dishwasher or washing machine to flood the house. That's the problem with the internet of things - it will never be 100% secure.

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