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Comment: Truth (Score 1) 182

by invid (#49484899) Attached to: How Many Hoaxes Are On Wikipedia? No One Knows
Any historical media that is exclusively digital can be forged. Once we have molecular level 3-D printers, all physical historical artifacts can potentially be forged and altered. We have to look at a possible future where there in no way to verify any historical fact, an historical fact being anything that happened more than a nanosecond ago.

Comment: Re:Evolution (Score 1) 298

by invid (#49439333) Attached to: Did Natural Selection Make the Dutch the Tallest People On the Planet?

Mainly because Amercians are too stupid to actually get irony.

Hey! It was a Canadian who wrote the most popular song about irony where most of her examples were more tragic or unfortunate than ironic--so the most popular song about irony isn't really about irony at all, which is really quite ironic, don't ya think? Which . . . come to think of it . . . might be what she was trying to accomplish through meta-irony! Boy this is starting to hurt my head. Maybe I am too stupid to understand irony. Oh wait, you weren't talking about Americans, you were talking about Amercians, those people from Amercia. Never mind.

Comment: Re:Use phonetic spelling (Score 1) 624

I would argue that the fact that we have homophones in the first place is a bad thing. Ideally: One sound, one spelling, one meaning (except possibly allowing for metaphorical meanings derived from that).

You do realize that by doing so you would kill the pun, thus depriving many people of the only humor they understand.

Comment: Re:Use phonetic spelling (Score 1) 624

I like the flexibility of English spelling. It is actually useful. Since there are many ways to spell the same sounds, you can spell different words that sound the same differently. That way you don't have to rely on contexts exclusively. For instance: "He went to room number five two." vs "He went to room number five too."

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