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Comment Re:About time really (Score 1) 104

Google shouldn't have bothered with ChromeOS in the first place. It just confused everyone that they shipped two mutually incompatible operating systems that overlapped over the same problem space.

Android wasn't ready to be run with a mouse and keyboard, so they didn't overlap over the same problem space. Look to Windows 8 to see how fubar an OS can be if it isn't really ready for both touch and mouse/keyboard.

Comment The name "Android" (Score 3, Funny) 104

I really hate the fact that the name of the dominant OS is "Android". This is going to be really confusing once we start building real androids.

Bob: Hey Mary, what OS do you run on your android?

Mary: Android.

Bob: Yeah, on your android, what OS?

Mary: Android!

Bob: Yes! I'm talking about your android! What OS is running on it?

Mary: Third base!

Comment Re:Novel Explores this Idea (Score 1) 41

Why not just have each device add an encrypted checksum using public key encryption. That way you don't have to send all the data to one source, the verification can be done by anyone and as long as the encryption isn't broken any tampering is detectable.

It also doesn't give a ton of power to one verification entity.

The company also provides the service of enforcing copyright laws.

Comment Re:Hopefully it can actually kill someone (Score 1) 469

back in the day everyone used to joke that the baretta's didn't have any stopping power and if you shot someone with it you would only make them angry

That's because it uses 9mm ammo, not the .45s of the old 1911s. My choice would be the Glock 21 which shoots .45s, but unfortunately it's not the best for small hands.

Comment Novel Explores this Idea (Score 3, Interesting) 41

Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion

I've written a science fiction novel, The NPC that deals with the ramifications of this sort of thing. The solution in the novel is extreme: all recording devices are required to stream their data to a trusted 3rd party (in this case, a corporation called VuDyne) in real time with an encrypted certificate. Otherwise the digital data is not trusted to represent reality. As you can imagine, this gives VuDyne a great deal of power.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 1) 217

There should be a beginners programming course for everyone, going over the basics, like what does CPU stand for and what is a bit and a byte. By the end of the course you can have the kids writing some simple programs. This way hopefully most people won't look at the computer as some sort of magic box, and maybe even get a little appreciation for what it takes to be a programmer. Those kids who have the knack can move on to real programming courses while everyone else will at least know how to program "Hello World".

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