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Comment Garbage what? (Score -1) 71

A large part of the world still worries about the next meal , roof overhead and the other basic necessities of life . Garbage is the last thing on their mind . Some of them live in or near garbage . As long as these populations donâ(TM)t get the bare basics , they ( where a considerable chunk of plastic waste comes from) wont relate to the concerns of the so called developed world.

Comment Beta? (Score 2) 86

The personalized information and discounts which appear to residents with a âDigiTelâ(TM) Residents Card, are completely dependent on the userâ(TM)s personal profile and needs. Each resident can get alerts to events, changes to traffic, or discounts as they please.

A simple SMS gateway was used in India to provide personalized information to poor farmers on their Nokia brick phones costing $18 .

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