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Journal: Long Time No Access

Journal by invictus

Yay! I've found my old login information, which I haven't used it afaik in about 9 years (Aug 2002 - Sep 2011); so much for not writing user/pass combos down I guess. The next step is getting back on TotalFark one of these days (not that I have the time available that would be drained by doing so).

Comment: Right on the mark. (Score 1) 349

by invictus (#37416478) Attached to: Netflix To Lose 1 Million Subscribers

This comment hits the mark right on the head.

It was bad enough before how much content was actually available to stream versus by mail, especially compared to (not really competing, I guess alternative is more apropos) services e.g. XBL. Now that service is losing even more titles due to licensing issues with Starz. What terrible timing to try and spin a price increase as something consumers actually want, when the service you're charging more for is actually LOSING VALUE. This makes no sense on the face of it, especially in today's atmosphere of belt tightening and budget trimming.

I spent 10 minutes looking for my old login information just to see if I had mod points to promote this comment, alas I had none.

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