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Comment: Re:Nobody else seems to want it (Score 1) 727

by interval1066 (#47721483) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

...tightly tied to the kernel, and maintained with it...

I gotta correct ya champ, that's not exactly true, at least in every case. Its true that the kernel maintainers (Torvalds & gang) maintain some drivers with the kernel, but not all. And what do you mean "tightly tied to the kernel"? Are you saying that if Microsoft made a radical change to their "kernel" (three big DLL's is a kernel, who knew?) architecture those drivers would still work? I doubt it. "Tightly" as a loaded word; either you have an architecture that has many parts yet all works together, or you you don't. That they all work in harmony to deliver a satisfactory user experience- is that "tightly" coupled? Oh, and don't get me started on GNU Hurd...

Comment: Re:Hitchhiker's Guide (Score 1) 732

by interval1066 (#45350929) Attached to: Movie Review: <em>Ender's Game</em>

Kenneth McMillan's Baron is one of my most treasured memories as a child.

It may be, but it was incredibly bad. McMillan (Lynch?) over killed him with the degenerate angle, and his baron was a sharp as a hammer. Ian McNeice was a far sharper and cunning baron in my opinion, which is much closer to the books. Lynch's baron with the preoccupation with all his little festering wounds and and disgusting nonsense was just odd to me.

Comment: Re:Kick in the balls (Score 1) 221

by interval1066 (#45291903) Attached to: FAA To Allow Use of Most Electronic Devices Throughout Flights

This must be a real kick in the balls for all the folks back in the first days of the iPhone who got arrested because they were using it in "Airplane mode"...

You're not even making any sense. People were arrested for using phones in the least intrusive manner possible? Anyway, "airplane mode" is still useful. Probably should be called "non-emission mode" or something though. Like if your at a boring lecture and want to play "wild, wild weasels" during.

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