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Comment Sure, my kid'll stomp his (Score 1) 162

Yeah. Thank god Zucker's thinking ahead because my brat is getting ready to simply EXCEL in phys ed. (To my great disappointment my son is moving to Reno, NV to teach phys ed. for $30,000 a yr) look out Zuckerberg, phys ed is coming for ya.)
I know, he could be headed there to deal meth but I did have higher hopes for the kid. I don't think the Zuckerberg brood needs much more in the help department than anything more his billionaire parents can give him.

Comment Re:Gimp needs Linux (Score 1) 349

Gimp is ok (I guess), it just needs some one to step up and write a better (which wouldn't be hard) UI for it, Gimp has The Worst UI of any gfx manip app I've ever used, and I've used plenty. Sure, when it comes to doing some quick pic editing I use it, but with reluctance. I very much wish there was a native port of something like LView Pro for Linux. I find the UI so intuitive I can Just Use it, Not so gimp. I've read reviews of gimp that say that Gimp isn't meant for image processing along those lines. Great, so what is it for? Again, I'm not saying Gimp isn't powerful, I can see that under the covers the gimp has some serous gfx horsepower there, I know some amazing things can be done with it. But when I have to spend 5 hours just to figure out how to coax one feature out of the thing, its simply not very useful. If it had a UI like LView Pro, I'd be using it every day.

Comment Re:Internet News (Score 3, Interesting) 181

American footballers are schoolgirls.

And then there's Curling. Real blood sport. My experience with Curling: Went to Ottawa for business, stopped in Vancouver for a connecting flight. In one waiting area bar was a few televisions with people watching Curling. I had two hours to kill so I sat down with a beer and watched Curling. Two hours later I left to get my connecting flight. Two hours of looking at my watch, drinking Molsen's, and watching Curling. Two hours. Seemed like 5. I tried to get into it, honestly. Then I left Vancouver. That was my last experience with Curling. Seriously. It could have been an English documentary on cheese making. I left with the same impression. Woah. Need a sleep-aid? Watch Curling.

Comment Re: Agile (Score 1) 371

CORRECTOMUNDO. Give the man/woman a prize. I've seen scrum implemented to varying degrees in most of the shops I've worked at in the last 15 years and I'm here to tell you that its like working with an albatross hanging from your neck and adds no perceptible value to the process, at least as far as I can tell. In my last position it was implemented fully (at least to my understanding) which was interesting considering I was the only software engineer on staff at the time, but we had 4 full time hardware engineers. The hardware guys ate it up, but I felt like I had a dead weight around my neck. I don't think its applicable to a guy doing architecture AND implementation; I really felt like it was a complete waste of time to me; I kept getting in to arguments with my manager that he wanted finished code when I was still prototyping and designing, It was ridiculous. Scrum in my experience was too rigid and deadline-driven. Thankfully that situation has "evolved" and I no longer answer to that guy, or that process.

Comment Re:Batteries "dramatically faster, more charge etc (Score 1) 75

In my completely (full disclosure) anecdotal opinion yes, these technologies DO make it into consumer products, but the change seems to be incremental, not all at once. So I've seen batteries get better over time, but I've never purchased a product with a battery that is a game changer.

Comment Re:So.. for a non-physicist (Score 3, Informative) 152


"The no-communication theorem states that, within the context of quantum mechanics, it is not possible to transmit classical bits of information by means of carefully prepared mixed or pure states, whether entangled or not."

See The No-Communication Theorem and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!