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Comment Re:relative wealth (Score 2) 504

If anything, basic necessities in the western world are getting more expensive.

In actual dollar (pick your currency) terms appliances, consumer electronics, and even cars have gotten dramatically cheaper since their inventions. Commodities like food fluctuate but we have the means to feed a lot more people than we ever did prior to 100 years ago by hundreds of factors. Food is cheap enough that we regularly throw away tons of it. Don't say land; real estate is different. Depending on where you live land may actually be cheaper now than 10 years ago, or it may be more expensive. Real estate has its own rules. I think the questions we need to ask are: Can you devise a Utopian Society so wonderful that the real human desire for dominion over others ("power") is an outmoded one? Can you meet a human beings needs to the extent that they'll never need to covet what their neighbour has? Do people have a fundamental need for strife? I think we do.

Comment Re:Lies! (Score 1) 341

IMHExperience, Java is much faster than C++ when it does heap object instantiation.
C++ new and the underlying malloc are just not as good as Java new.

First, I'd love to see some numbers to back up that statement. B) C/C++ has an actual use for those memory allocation paradigms; they're call pointers, actual locations in memory, and math can be performed on them, making them very powerful and fast compared to reference indexes. Java uses references, and they are completely different. You're comparing apples and oranges there.
C a bit faster than java in some kind of fantasy land? You're off your rocker, m8.

Comment Re:Putin's tool (Score 1) 206

Korea and Vietnam split because the US invaded the South and interrupted democratic elections.

Can't argue about Korea, that's not quite accurate with regard to Vietnam. The US went due to a stupid agreement with France, hod nothing to do with interrupting elections, the elections were rigged by the US anyway. Ngo Dình Diem was a US puppet, and his election a foregone conclusion. Vietnam was the last gasp of France's imperial past; the US had ridiculous nightmares about communists taking over the world. To the Vietnamese, it was just a civil war.

Comment Re:He better hope they don't catch him (Score 2, Insightful) 206

Snowden traded the US for Russia.

You make it sound like Snowden traded in his used car. NO; he landed in Russia after being denied asylum in Hong Kong. And his asylum there is supposedly temporary, although I'm sure it tickles Putin no end to have him there. As for money in our political system, I certainly agree with you, I'm kind of warming up to this notion of publicly funding campaigns to keep special interests at bay (somewhat), but Snowden's alarums are certainly valid, earnest, and shocking, imo.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 196

Aren't these questions addressed by using an FPGA? Small or big projects are easily prototyped on mine, and verilog is such a simple language... and breadboards for whatever i/o and support circuits, voila! your working prototype is ready for whatever pcb it wants. And that gets printed or sent out. No waiting, no mess, no fuss.

Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 237

...but the distinction should be maintained.

Why? How "unixy" Linux or MacOS is is a really rather tired argument by now, isn't? Having cut my unix teeth on Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX, seems like I should be able to tell how "unixy" something is. I have MacOS because of my work, but I hate it. It doesn't really fee like unix to me at all, and I have a hard time understanding how "unixy" it really is since the kernel is a heavily modified mach clone. But whatever, just saying your reasoning on how "unixy" Mac is seems a bit strained to me, even with a big web page with small characters explaining how "unixy" it is.

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