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Comment Re:worked out well for manufacturing, right? (Score 1) 607

"A friend of mine who can't get recruiters to leave him alone tells me he makes a point to study weekly, constantly learning. Anyone who is concerned about the level of outsourcing and illegal H1-B usage might keep that in mind." This might be a good short term strategy, but I don't think it works in the long term. Even if I'm cream of the crop, if enough of my industry shifts out of country then I'm going to see a wage drain and eventually even probably lose my job. And even if I'm the best the US has to offer in my field (which I'm not), odds are India has 4 people with at the very least my potential if not my capability.

Comment Re:Truly. (Score 2) 412

Actually, if they were anything like me, a whole lot of people told them to take the loans. I was smart enough to choose a well-paying field but when I finished school the situation for me wasn't as rosy as everyone encouraging me to take loans along the way had said it would be. When I was using loans, everyone was saying CS grads were being stolen from the school before they could even get degrees. If you take loans you can get through and have better opportunities on the other end. (Dot com bubble by the way.) However, even outside my field, there was plenty of pressure for my friends to take loans and make it up on the back end over working and possibly never finishing.

Comment Re:Why do so many "abnormal" people play D&D? (Score 5, Insightful) 321

I enjoyed playing D&D during undergrad. My wife wasn't much for it so it has fallen by the wayside. Her family is super into sports and I've picked up enjoying the games of a particular college team. You know what I've found out from her family: enjoying watching sports is almost exactly the same thing as playing a tabletop RPG. You get together with people you know. You learn a lot of statistics and rules. You argue or discuss different decisions with them and complain about the officiant. You snack and probably drink together. You pick up a lot of obscure trivia as you go along. Everyone enjoys themselves enough to do it on a regular basis.

Comment Ways to play (Score 1) 321

There are lots of ways to play, play as an extension of yourself, play as someone you might wish to be if you weren't constrained in some way, play seriously as someone you would never wish to be, play as a parody of someone you would never wish to be. It is fine to have a mental shortcut to understanding why people might play but understand also it may not be fully representative.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 345

"All this study really shows is that personality types are attracted to certain jobs. It does not advance our knowledge of autism."
If this is indeed saying that people with autistic traits are attracted to STEM jobs, and that men are more likely to have autistic traits, then we've at least a partial explanation for the problem of women in STEM. And explaining why men are taking up the higher paying STEM jobs helps partially explain why women aren't paid as well as men. Those things shape all sorts of policy decisions.

Comment Re:Space exploration takes time (Score 1) 162

A friend of mine who is a manager on some NASA project explained it well to me once: Space exploration is a legacy issue for a president. Your entire first term has to be focusing on solving problems that will influence your reelection. In your second term, you need to service your party's congressional bids, but you have a bit more room to focus on how you will be remembered in American history. Pushing space exploration is one of those ways to shine in American history. But that means that NASA is only politically important at best every other four years.

Comment Re:If Comcast did this... (Score 2) 183

Of all the nightmare troubles I had with Comcast customer service, this wasn't true the last time I had Comcast. I lost service for a week. It was completely their fault and I called them up and asked for a credit for the service interruption and they said "OK. I've credited it to your bill." No escalation, no hours on hold. Of course, another time they decided to move my billing due date by a week, charge me for a whole month of service, and refused to issue any credit.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight: (Score 2, Interesting) 428

I heard a segment on America's Test Kitchen who presented a general summary of his research that essentially said that the people with the longest lifespan tend to have the lowest lifetime caloric intake. He noted clearly there is a cut off point to the benefits of eating less, but eating less of everything over a lifetime is indeed a positive as long as you aren't starving your cells of what they need. At this point, I've forgotten the author, so you can take it with a grain of salt if you don't mind risking your heart health with an increase in your sodium intake...

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