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Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 118

by interkin3tic (#49481053) Attached to: Jack Thompson Will Be Featured In BBC Film 'Grand Theft Auto'
Honestly, how ARE they going to introduce him in a positive or even neutral manner?

I'm picturing him talking with a text box appearing beneath his picture: "Jack Thompson, Lawyer (former), publicity hound (failed), censor (failed), moral crusader (shunned by other moral crusaders), and expert on making (inaccurate) statements about videogames"?

BBC: "Mr. Thompson, you... have opinions on the grand theft auto series, don't you? You can accurately say that much at least, right? Can you tell us what they are without it somehow backfiring on you, pathetically and hilariously?"

Comment: Re:Another slashvertisement (Score 2) 148

by interkin3tic (#49464841) Attached to: Nearly Half of <em>Game of Thrones</em> Season 5 Leaks Online
He didn't say he read the books, so he only went at most half hipster.

For full hipster credit, he would had to 1. say he read the books before the show came out, 2. say that they were ruined by the TV show and 3. found a way to say the books were much better than the TV show he's supposedly never seen WITHOUT saying "because it's popular."

Comment: Re:Correlation is not Causation (Score 1) 324

by interkin3tic (#49382117) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains
The devil would be in the details. Companies would lobby hard for exceptions to be made and abused and nonsense. See the pasta sauce counting as a serving of vegetable for an example. Rules defining what is and is not a fruit, veggie, meat, and milk aren't very sexy, there's not going to be a lot of public oversight of the process until it gets ridiculous (see again pasta sauce as vegetable for an example.)

I'd like to see a pilot program where food stamps can only be used to purchase something like soylent. Nutritionally complete and defined, no ability for food megacorps to get much wiggle room, and healthy.

Comment: Re:Ballsy, but stupid ... (Score 1) 308

by interkin3tic (#49382009) Attached to: Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead
No one is disputing that there are pros to the spying, or that there are bad people out there. What I AM disputing is that in order to protect our way of life against ignorant fundamentalists, we need to have a massive electronic spying program, one we didn't have for the bulk of our two centuries as a country.

Ending the NSA would compromise our ability to prevent terrorism. Probably on American soil. I'm okay with that risk! I will take the increased chances of bad people doing bad things to me and my family in exchange for the government not spying on me. Deal! I won't even demand my taxes be reduced, just put the money towards paying down the debt or research or infrastructure!

Comment: Re:Ballsy, but stupid ... (Score 1) 308

by interkin3tic (#49375067) Attached to: Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead
I'd rather err on the side of too little spying and play it safe. I see little in history to convince me that governments can ever successfully spy only on the bad guys and never for political reasons. If you allow the NSA to listen into only one phone call a day, I suspect they'll spend each phone call listening in on people who they identify as responsible for putting that limit on them. Dismantle the whole thing and there won't be a question of "are they still spying on us even though we told them they couldn't."

Comment: Re: Christian Theocracy (Score 1) 1168

What's your point exactly? "Other states and a president 22 years ago are bad too?"

CONGRATULATIONS! You have proven that Indiana's actions are NOT UNPRECEDENTED! You MIGHT have even proven that Bill Clinton is not the paragon of liberalism that... let's see here... NO ONE is claiming he is!

Comment: Re:Ballsy, but stupid ... (Score 1) 308

by interkin3tic (#49372473) Attached to: Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead
Speaking as someone who wants to see the NSA dismantled, I hope these shooters died painfully if they were doing it as a political statement. This will only garner sympathy for the NSA, will make NSA staff more certain that they're the "good guys" in a world full of bad guys, and will distract from valid criticisms against global spying. Violence is the last refuge of desperate men, and there's no reason for those opposed to big brother to be desperate. Public paranoia about terrorism, which allowed them to justify the spying, is waning slowly. Political opposition to the spying is growing as the spying community makes missteps like spying on senators. And younger generations don't seem too fond of the war on privacy.

Going all Rambo is a good way to threaten to reverse that momentum.

Comment: Re:Never finish (Score 1) 180

Do we have any indication that Martin would allow the books to be finished if he died? The only way I could see him allowing that in his will would be if A: it was a sticking point for a contract with HBO or B: if he trusted a writer enough.

As you said, obviously the TV show wouldn't be as detailed,. But the TV show is good enough that I wouldn't throw myself off of a rope bridge if Martin died.

Comment: Re:Think of the children! (Score 1) 413

I do wish more people realized that cops in the US have serious problems and operate more like big brother than they need to. That said, I don't follow your logic here. "Cops do bad things, anonymous doesn't do and won't do as many bad things, therefore this thing that they're thinking of doing is okay"?

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