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Comment: Re:WebKit (Score 1) 126 126

It seems obvious this phone is meant to put an end to all the bitching about blackberries past shortcomings:

- touchscreen, trackpad, slide-out keyboard: stop bitching about input methods
- multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom, new webkit browser: stop bitching about web surfing
- new app world with carrier billing, new developer SDK: stop bitching about apps
- integrated youtube, facebook, twitter, myspace: stop bitching about being for corporate users only

Wether this will reduce steady flow of users converting to android/iphone is yet to be seen.

+ - RIM unveils Blackberry Torch

101010_or_0x2A writes: RIM just unveiled the Blackberry torch, a touchscreen device with a slide out keyboard. The phone runs the Blackberry 6 OS, and a browser that supports tabbed browsing. AT&T will be the sole provider in the US, while in Canada, Rogers, Telus and Bell have plans to introduce the device, no dates yet though.

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