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Comment: On fundamentalists (Score 1) 7

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There are all different flavors of fundamentalists, and while many hold to "conservative dress" as a doctrine, it's definitely not universal. The same goes for the idea of not associating with "non-believers" (bucket group, everyone that does not adhere to the set of beliefs the particular brand of fundamentalism says are required for salvation), some preach that, while others will explicitly preach evangelical immersion (go meet "non-believers" and make them want to convert by being the best friend ever!).

Always nice to hear that social mores around what "racial" couplings are allowed are loosening.

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So, be aware of your audience?

Or, beware your audience. Though on the topic, while it's not the most concise construction, signposting something you find interesting so that the reader pays extra attention (or even just a different kind of attention) to it is certainly common. I don't know if that makes it acceptable, but I tend to think it does.

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I got about halfway through the base SC2 (Terran Wings of Liberty stuffs), but then my kids got too interested in what I was doing, and it's a bit violent for young observers in my opinion... so it's been on hold for over a year. Hoping to get back to it within the year though.

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Sore throat, daughter's having an asthma attack at the same time that a form missing a birthdate caused a temporary lapse in health insurance, customers at work are non responsive and then unhappy with progress.

But it's good sometimes too.

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