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Journal insanecarbonbasedlif's Journal: Been a while 12

So I was reading xkcd and it made me think about /. so I wandered back over here and starting poking around. Looks like 8 or so friends still post journals. Not like it was years back when I was checking for new stories or JEs all day almost every day. I find it funny that as the "social web" has grown into a mainstream.-even-my-parents-are-on-the-web,-jocks-too,-and-now-celebrities-hire-companies-to-manage-it thing, I've found less and less satisfaction with it.

My main social group these days revolves around a 4X game on facebook that a coworker got me to try out. I think I honestly crave the anonymity of the old days (like /.) and a game with a pseudonym and a forum fits that bill pretty well. Plus the fact that it's a semi complicated sci-fi strategy game keeps it relatively nerdy, which is my preferred company. Though of course there are the self described jock types in the game who resort to homophobic slurs when you cross them. I think the /. trolls inured me to that, so thanks trolls!

Feeling really nostalgic right now though. Can still remember many of the old Circle posters usernames off the top of my head and I have a terrible memory for names...

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Been a while

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  • by Chacham (981) *

    I feel similarly.

    I won't touch FB though.

  • the circle came apart a long, long time ago.

    of course whenever the latest site redesign gets implemented you should drop in to check that out - it's going to be a doozy [].

    • Sweet! Looks like a WordPress blog at a glance. Hopefully the journaling isn't the current HMI disaster. (Sorry, Pudge; just calling it like I vom it.)
  • Nowadays I know most of the Circle by their real names, and have trouble remembering their /. usernames. D'oh! :P

    (Alan Ralph)

    • Ha, to be fair there are a few that I've followed closely enough after the /. collapse to know them more by their real name than their handle. Though whether I see MonTemplar or Alan Ralph I still think "Mon" first!
  • I still frequent /.. I might even post a journal if it's technical, but most of the time, I won't get replies. Since that's half of the fun, it makes much less sense.
    • by Chacham (981) *

      I post just to get thoughts out. Comments are an added benefit.

      If not for that, i'd never post. :)

      • The replies and interactions are what drove my posting here back in the day. Though considering my nerdy and eccentric bent a fair bit of my facebook posts get no interaction, so why do I do it? I suppose it ties back to me not needing much validation to reinforce a behavior.
        • by Chacham (981) *

          'm pretty sure i posted a JE on that point, but i can't seem to find it just now.

        • by Tet (2721) *
          I come here infrequently, and lose track of who is who. Do I know you on facebook?

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