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insanecarbonbasedlif's Journal: [Religion] Went to Church today. 5

Journal by insanecarbonbasedlif
It's the first time I've gone to church since the whole breakthrough in understanding and change in perspective I had back in June.

So what kind of church does an atheist agnostic secular humanist try out? I went to a local Unitarian Universalist congregation. In the end, I don't know what they really have to offer. I agree with a lot of their principles, and their focus on social justice, but I didn't feel like the sermon wrestled with the rough ideas of what it means to be spiritual and non-exclusive, or compelling us to social justice.

It wasn't bad, just not... exciting. Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I could only find that kind of excitement in a spiritual message when I believed in the supernatural. I don't know - I still find that excitement, but now I find it in relationships and discoveries (of beauty and knowledge), and not in reaching beyond the natural world in any sense.

Well, after all that, we're thinking of trying a different UU congregation next week - maybe a younger crowd with a more vibrant "spirituality" exists close by. If not, I will remain "unchurched".
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[Religion] Went to Church today.

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  • To an

    atheist agnostic secular humanist

    I'd ask: Why?
    Does life have any meaning, and, if not, are we just dancing about nihilism in one way or another?

    • Um. Is this one of your obtuse posts that means something between the lines? On the chance that it's not, I'll give a straightforward reply beyond "many other of my JEs discuss this".

      To an

      atheist agnostic secular humanist

      I'd ask: Why?

      If I'm correct in understanding "Why?" to be "Why are you an atheist agnostic secular humanist?", the answer is on the two sides both very simple and straightforward, and very complicated and drawn-out. So, for the sake of conciseness, I'll give you the simple answer, but feel free to ask for clarification on nay of it

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