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Comment: Re:Does not store any personal details about clien (Score 5, Interesting) 137

by inotocracy (#28798803) Attached to: Pirate Bay's Anonymity Service Enters Beta Testing
Yes, Pirate Bay could secretly store that information, but I somehow doubt they would.

Yeah, because no one would think that the soon to be new CEO, who happens to be good friends with the RIAA, would ever do such a thing as log traffic or identifiable information. Right? ..right?

Comment: Re:Great! (Score 1) 97

by inotocracy (#27192605) Attached to: Valve Engineers Weed Out 'Lying' <em>TF2</em> Game Servers
It seems as though with every patch they release the servers get screwed. Horrible ping times if, you can connect at all, lobbies break and achievement usually go sour. My friend and I spent about an hour just trying to get a game going on the 11th, and when we finally got it going we had horribly high pings. Valve makes great games but I'm wondering if they do any serious testing before releasing patches out in the wild.

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