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Off-topic Sidenote: I was nearly turned into roadkill yesterday while out for a run in my neighborhood. There's no sidewalk so I run facing oncoming traffic as far to the side as possible. The jackass driver was playing with his cellphone, and drifting toward the side of the road, right at me, and didn't swerve until the last second. I was within a second of making a dive for the side of the road."

as you are breaking a few laws yourself i strain to find the exclusive right to be angry at the driver....

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" The problem is, there were two lanes, and if I had gone in front of "Mr Nice", I would have gotten clobbered by the car in the other lane that didn't stop!"

it's called pulling into the first lane and then merging over into the other lane... NOT crossing 5 lanes of traffic at once (or even two).

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I was born and raised in california and lived here all my life, i have NEVER had any "traffic engineer" come tell me what the walk/don't walk/blinking/countdown etc means... let alone update me when "they" decide to change such things...

i guess ive lived this long by common intuition, is there supposed to be somewhere people "know" to get all this helpful info? Please don't say local traffic engineer.

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"As for the summary (and I presume the FA it was quoted from), cars can't use the number to tell when the light is going red."

I know i have X seconds before i can assume it will go yellow or red, so i speed up accordingly if i can make the intersection with time to spare.

I don't see how it causes more accidents for me to do this as if the number is too low i slow down, enuf time i can speed up a couple of mph and make the crossing.. no one is crossing the intersection im going through...

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vanishes? hell no it doesn't, ever run your hand under the fender or body of your car? hell even anywhere near the bottom along the sides after driving for any extended period of time?

that black filth is the rubber you speak of.. it gets washed down drains when people wash their cars...

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maybe you should have just not married at all, or reproduced since your kid will most likely be a sarcastic drain on life that you seem to be, not to mention unable to relate to you or your new trophy wife, as you will have a 30yr age gap... enjoy that chip on your shoulder now because soon you will be dead and your life's pursuits wasted away by your child.

and maybe update your profile since your website says

Shachar Shemesh
FORMER CEO of Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.


Girls Take All In $50 Million Google Learn-to-Code Initiative 548

Posted by Soulskill
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theodp writes: On Thursday, Google announced a $50 million initiative to inspire girls to code called Made with Code. As part of the initiative, Google said it will also be "rewarding teachers who support girls who take CS courses on Codecademy or Khan Academy." The rewards are similar to earlier coding and STEM programs run by and Google that offered lower funding or no funding at all to teachers if participation by female students was deemed unacceptable to the sponsoring organizations. The announcement is all the more intriguing in light of a Google job posting seeking a K-12 Computer Science Education Outreach Program Manager to "work closely with external leaders and company executives to influence activities that drive toward collaborative efforts to achieve major 'moonshots' in education on a global scale." Perhaps towards that end, Google recently hired the Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), who was coincidentally also a Advisory Board member. And — itself a Made With Code grantee — recently managed to lure away the ACM's Director of Public Policy to be its COO. So, are these kinds of private-public K-12 CS education initiatives (and associated NSF studies) a good idea? Some of the nation's leading CS educators sure seem to think so (video).

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" I usually only get my guff up a few times a year. It sucks but that is my life and I am to blame for my problems. My only recourse is to work harder at making myself try harder."

You should look at it as a hard problem to solve... i found that when faced with something to figure out and eventually able to solve, problems become fascinating to me, and i think this in general is true for all "geeks".

So when it came to girls i did the same thing.. tried over and over, noting my mistakes and improving on them, to the point where i figured out "charming" and when i want to turn it on, comes quite easily to me... this was very satisfying when i finally figured it out and can be one of the most challenging problems "geeks" have to tackle, 3 phase brushless motors are quite easy by comparison...

so get up your guff, debug your last date and compile the next one until you get your program running so efficiently it spawns it's own code ;)

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So im going to throw away my mod point on this point but oh well, i can't believe someone thinks this so i want to get some clarification...

"Just because one set of criminals gets off easier than they should, it does not follow that all other criminals should be treated leniently."

If two groups of "criminals" is judged and sentenced according to the damage and harm they have done, and one of them does less harm/damage that the other, it does not follow that the one who did less harm should have a lesser sentence?


justice equals = all criminals should be punished harshly no matter what the severity of the crime, as long as the% of criminals who receive less harsh punishment is relatively low?


Justice = punishment that is mitigated by influence, money, collusion and corruption.

i'm having a hard time following any of these "logical?" conclusions of your reasoning...

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