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Comment: Re:Sanders amazes me (Score 1) 393

by inode_buddha (#49607193) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

Sure. Vote 'em out. Politicians should not be so easily corruptible (which is why I support publically funded campaigns and term limits) .But what about the ones who are *doing the corrupting*? Just let them off scot free? I don't think so... unfortunately the SEC and the FED is so thoroughly compromised as to be worthless.

Comment: Re:Ireland will love this (Score 1) 825

+5, insightful (although I admit bias as a US skilled blue-collar worker).

Unfortunately I doubt they will ever do away with these so-called free trade agreements for the simple reason that there's so much money being made. It the corporate lobbyists that write those things.

+ - Police officer suspended for slapping citizen for refusing a warrantless search 6

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: This story demonstrates why it is becoming essential for every citizen to begin recording their interactions with the police every single time.

Yesterday police were contacted in regard to a video posted online which appeared to show an inappropriate interaction between an on-duty member of the Sheriff’s Office and a civilian, resulting from a suspicious vehicle complaint in the Town of Halfmoon.

The Sheriff’s Office has identified and interviewed all parties involved in the interaction and as a result, the police officer has been suspended without pay effective immediately, pending the outcome of the investigation and possible disciplinary action.

Make sure you watch the video. It is very clear that the officer did not know he was being recorded. It is also clear to me that his behavior in this situation was not unusual, that this police officer is quite used to using violence to get his way, regardless of the law. Had the recording not existed, however, he would not have been suspended, and would not be likely to lose his job.

The recording did exist, however, which has forced the Saratoga police force to take action.

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