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Comment: decrypt the calls? (Score 1) 428

by inkhorn (#35107402) Attached to: Prison Cell Phone Smuggling Out of Control

Now that GSM encryption is publicly breakable, could the calls from IMEI's not registered as belonging to the prison staff be automatically decrypted and recorded?
If they can't entirely prevent the problem of smuggling, at least this would help shed light on what was being discussed, and to whom. Perhaps useful at any parole board hearings?

Comment: Re:Have a great trip! (Score 3, Informative) 1095

by inkhorn (#30211592) Attached to: Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

I second the Science Museum recommendation - an amazing place to visit and it's free! The Planetarium is also worth a few hours.

Err, you haven't been in a while have you. It closed in 2006.
You'll be after the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich if it's astronomy you're into.

Comment: MAJC missing? (Score 2, Interesting) 275

by inkhorn (#26870595) Attached to: A Brief History of Chip Hype and Flops

And what sort of thorough article would this be in missing out Sun Microsystems' MAJC chip from the 1990s ?

Promised to accelerate JAVA instructions, the chip was a multithreading multicore design (can you say Niagara?) but Sun couldn't get it to market fast enough and advances in general purpose CPUs left it for dead.

Sadly MAJC only made it into two models of Suns own-brand graphics cards before it was dropped, though it's design principles live on in Niagara and Rock.

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