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Comment: Re:Really? Woz? (Score 4, Informative) 333

by initialE (#41998777) Attached to: Woz Worries Microsoft Is Now More Innovative Than Apple

My gripe: I run remote desktops. Sometimes from an iPad, sometimes from an android tablet, sometimes in windowed mode from a windows PC. Nearly everything does not work with remote desktop. There's no start button to click. There's no way to run an app w/o getting to start. There's no way to simulate gestures when you don't use a mouse. Productivity is way down with this thing.

Comment: Re:This is not a Microsoft issue (Score 1) 295

by initialE (#41458629) Attached to: Microsoft Pollutes To Avoid Fines

I wouldn't necessarily say it was a fail at all. The usage of power at their datacenter probably ties in directly to the buy-in by consumers of their cloud hosting solutions (office 365, Azure, Dynamics, Skydrive). If they can't get much of a response this year, their usage will be low. However, looking at the way Windows 8 is designed, most of the features cannot be enabled without a Windows Live account, so next year's consumption may expect to increase significantly, and stay up there. When you lay out infrastructure, you don't plan for the short term, after all.

Comment: Re:BB is a business phone (Score 2) 185

by initialE (#39865125) Attached to: BlackBerry 10 Unveiled

You know, remote wipe isn't really a working solution. I've never had a remote wipe that worked successfully.
Why? because remote wipe requires connectivity, whereas a stolen device is guaranteed to be switched off and the sim card removed immediately. Then you would have to count on connecting to a wireless network. Without user intervention.

Comment: Americans should be ashamed of themselves (Score 1) 310

Number 1, for trying to impose american law on the world. That's the act of a school bully making people his bitch because he can beat them up. Number 2, for electing such bullies to be their leaders! I mean, why! I doubt this list would embarrass any country other than the USA, as it exposes the level of bigotry and blindness of their people.
Read this comment, then flamebait it to hell. Still not posting anon.

Comment: Re:Sony's war on their customers (Score 1) 290

by initialE (#39647723) Attached to: Sony Projects Record Losses of $6.4 Billion

Myself I wanted to play Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Shadow of the colossus. I wanted one of their sweet MILC cameras, some of the best in the consumer market. I even checked out their walkman wearabes, really good if you're a runner because it's cordless, and really the only player that offers something an ipod can not.
Didn't buy any of them, because I remember what it means to buy a sony. I have a rusting VAIO that had a battery die early in its life, yet not too early that I could get it replaced. So suck it, Sony.

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