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Comment: Re:This project needs funding? (Score 1) 214

by inigo_jones (#21876720) Attached to: Apricot Team Selected For Fully Open Source 3D Game
apricot will be a sort of companion to the peach open movie project. The genre will, im sure, not be FPS as it will be using furry little forest characters. i believe the developers will be working on it full-time - the peach project has all of the developers working together full time at the blender institute in amsterdam.
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+ - Debunking reasons not to open source game projects->

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FreeGamer writes "There are many significant indie game projects that are committed to creating a quality free game where the developers are afraid of the consequences of making the development public by publishing the project under an open source license. The reasons for declining to open source a project are usually bogus. Over the years I've tried to change the minds of several game project developers, usually met with stubborn resistance. Hopefully this article can help projects earlier on in their development cycle before people have committed themselves to keeping their free game project as a closed source one."
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+ - Great education 2.0 websites ?

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jmnugent writes "I'm sure there must be teachers and students in the Slashdot community. I'd be really interested to know what your opinions and thoughts are on web 2.0 technologies and how they effect (or can be used to help) our education system(s). One of my side projects is a blog aimed at collecting useful educational links. However I'd love to hear real-world feedback (or suggestions) from Slashdot teachers/students on ways you are using the internet to improve learning, or website tools you have found that are really amazing."

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