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Comment: Open source without income? (Score 1) 464

by ingilizdili (#33347756) Attached to: Microsoft Claims 'We Love Open Source'
Do open source authors have some sort of revenue out of their hard work in return for which they seem to demand nothing? SSL certificates, for example; do they provide some kind of income? And if that is the case, microsoft has a right to adopt some sort of defensive (or offensive) stance, I think.

Comment: Re:wtf (Score 1) 574

by ingilizdili (#33335022) Attached to: Iran Unveils Its First UAV Bomber
You seem to ignore the fact that Turkey, my country, is within obvious range of this missile, not the USA or most western European countries. Iran has never been a real friend with Turkey. Our relations appear to depend on the political stability in Turkey as Iran was a supporter of the terrorist organization PKK not long ago, with which it now seems to be struggling. Moreover, why shouldn't we have that aircraft? Don't we have the right to be strong and deterrant?

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